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Israel Refuses to Reimplement Previous Restrictions While Delta Variant Spreads

Jun 28, 2021
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The delta variant of the novel coronavirus has been spreading quickly in numerous countries around the world. Various governments, as well as relevant authorities, strive to reimpose restrictions. However, the State of Israel has refused to reinstate some of its previously implemented restrictions, on account of the high vaccination rate in the country. It believes that the vaccine will protect people from the worst effects of this mutation of the coronavirus. While the number of infections in Israel continues to rise, only a handful of people have become seriously ill. 

On Sunday night, officials decided that the rising number of infections is not significant enough to reimpose strict restrictions or bring back lockdown. On the other hand, indoor masks were made compulsory around two weeks ago. 

The Prime Minister of the country, Naftali Bennett, went on to speak about the situation, stating that there has been a surge in the number of people contracting the virus. However, he pointed out, the number of people being hospitalized, on account of the virus, has not shown a significant increase. This statement came from the leader just a while after the coronavirus cabinet had its first meeting after May. It had been reconstituted in haste when the delta variant gathered speed. 

The Prime Minister made people vary of the mutation, revealing that it also infects people who have been fully vaccinated. Just previously, he took to frequently criticizing the efforts of his predecessor, Benjamin Netanyahu, the former Prime Minister, when it came to dealing with the coronavirus. Bennett stated that the relevant authorities will focus on expanding the leading vaccination rate of Israel and move towards the tightening of quarantine enforcement. 

It was decided that an ‘airport czar’ will be instilled to increase enforcement and testing at the main international gateway of Israel, the Ben Gurion Airport. In addition, any travelers found violating the ban on visiting countries that have been labeled as red, will have to pay a fine of $1,500. ‘Red’ countries are all those that have a high infection rate. 

According to the Prime Minister, the government of the country is going to ensure that the citizens of Israel receive maximum protection from the coronavirus, while there is minimum damage to the economy of the country, as well as the normal lives of the people. He added that masks will be made mandatory, instead of imposing a long list of restrictions and vaccinations will be administered, as opposed to implementing a lockdown. 

Bennett appealed to the youngsters in the country to receive their shots of the Pfizer vaccine, before the stocks start to expire. Up until now, the country has successfully administered the jab to over 59% of its population, with both the doses. 62%, on the other hand, has received only a single dose. Due to its pace in running its vaccination campaign, Israel is the first country, across the globe, to have vaccinated its citizens out of many coronavirus-related restrictions. 

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