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Israel Registers More than 5,000 New Cases of the Coronavirus

Aug 9, 2021

In recent news, the State of Israel has reported over 5,000 new cases of the coronavirus, which has marked the highest figure registered in the country since the middle of the month of February. 

As per data revealed on Tuesday by the Health Ministry, the number of serious cases of the disease is also climbing in the country. Meanwhile, the government has tightened restrictions to try and contain the spread of the highly infectious Delta variant across Israel. 

On Monday evening, the country had a total of 373 total patients of the novel coronavirus in serious condition. It was further revealed that a majority of these patients had not been fully vaccinated. 

The number of tests showing up positive results has also risen in the last few weeks. It went on to spike at 4.91% on Monday. 

Various experts speculated that the country was once again heading towards an additional lockdown. However, Nitzan Horowitz, the health minister, gave a speech on Monday, stating that the government was looking towards general quarantine as their last resort. According to him, the authorities will do anything possible to prevent that from happening.

Horowitz further added that the deadly disease is not going away any time soon, therefore, the people of the country need to learn how to live with it. In his words, the government is laying down vital infrastructure to enable citizens to live with coronavirus in the long term. 

The same day, the coronavirus commissioner, Nachman Ash, also gave a speech saying that the Health Ministry has not decided a particular figure yet, which would trigger a possible lockdown. He stated that the matter is complicated and is not only based on the number of patients who are seriously ill. According to him, the authorities also have to account for the number of people on ventilators, as well as the number of confirmed cases and rate of infection. 

While giving a press conference, the commissioner said that if morbidity does not slow down, the government will move towards initiating additional steps. He noted that the impact of the third dose of the coronavirus vaccine on the rising infections had yet to be examined. 

Ash further encouraged the citizens of the country to get vaccinated at the earliest. However, he did disclose that the ministry does not plan on taking any action against the people who refuse to get the jab. 

On Sunday, the government reinstated a couple of restrictions in a bid to control the recent outbreak of the virus. The Green Pass program has been extended towards sports and culture events, along with gyms, cinemas, hotels, restaurants, conventions and cafes. On the other hand, houses of worship have been exempted. In addition, masks have been made mandatory in gatherings that have more than 100 participants. 

The government has also decided to tighten measures at its borders and will now require people from several countries to undergo extended isolation. 

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