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Israel Reports Coronavirus Deaths for the First Time in the Last Two Weeks

Jul 12, 2021

In recent news, hospitals in the State of Israel reported the death of two people, who had been diagnosed with the coronavirus. The two patients experienced some complications and lost their battle with the deadly disease. The Health Ministry, later on, revealed that these are the first two deaths to have been recorded in the last two weeks. 

Wolfson Medical Center, located in Holon, added that they had lost a 48-year-old patient, who had not been vaccinated. His medical records revealed that he did not suffer from any preexisting conditions, except for high blood pressure. 

His family members also went on to say that they had done everything they could to try and convince him to get the job but, they had been unsuccessful. Some experts speculated that with the man’s immune system, he would have survived had he been inoculated. 

The other patient who succumbed to the coronavirus was an 86-year-old man, receiving treatment at the Rambam Medical Center, located in Haifa. He had been fully inoculated, with both doses of the Pfizer vaccine. The spouse of the man is in her 70s and is currently in hospice due to the deadly disease. Her condition is serious at the moment, and she has been fully vaccinated. 

These fatalities were reported against the backdrop of the country undergoing a rise in infections, on account of the highly infectious Delta variant. The deaths have been quite low, however, the number of serious cases in Israel has been slowly rising, following the mass vaccination campaign run by the government. 

The deaths of these two people were not published along with the most recent report of the Health Ministry. The latest report indicated that the national death toll stood at 6,429. The last death recorded in the country was on the 23rd of June, before which there had been no fatalities for over a week. 

The ministry informed that the country had recorded a total of 518 new cases. It showed concern regarding the number of active infections, which had been less than 250 no less than three weeks ago, now stands at 3,568. Ever since the pandemic first hit the country, the State of Israel has diagnosed 844,684 cases. 

According to the ministry, around 5.7 million citizens in the country, out of a total of 9.3 million, have been given the first shot of the vaccine. 5.2 million from these have been fully inoculated. 

As of now, there are 46 patients in critical condition, out of the 78 admitted in hospitals. However, some people are of the opinion that the Health Ministry is only inflating this figure. A handful of media outlets talked to hospitals and received information that there are collectively only 27 people experiencing serious conditions in coronavirus wards. There is a possibility that experts included discharged and recovered patients in this list. 

Earlier this week, the coronavirus commissioner, Nachman Ash, took to announce that all those vaccinated people traveling to the country from destinations deemed as high risk, will have to enter isolation. 

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