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Israel Reports Lowest Cases of the Coronavirus in a Year

May 1, 2021
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In recent news, the State of Israel has recorded only 13 new cases of the coronavirus in the past couple of days, as reported by the Health Ministry. 

More than 10,000 tests are carried out on the weekends, whereas no less than 30,000 to 35,000 people undergo the test for the deadly disease on weekdays. Nevertheless, the country had not recorded the number of cases as low as this since the month of May, in the year 2020. 

Just last week, around 75 to 1000 people had shown a positive result when tested for the coronavirus during weekdays. On the 3rd of April, Saturday, more than 120 cases had been identified. Just a month ago, on the other hand, the number of virus carriers in the State of Israel was 1,878. While the virus was at its peak, the authorities reported more than 2,500 cases on a daily basis, even on Saturdays, in the months of January and February. 

However, just recently, only 0.1% of the tests being performed have come up with a positive result, which is the lowest ever since the pandemic took over the country. In addition to fewer and fewer people testing positive for the infection, the other indicators being used to monitor the situation have also been encouraging. 

Relevant health authorities reported that as of now, there are less than 1,500 active cases of the coronavirus in the country. This number is especially impressive given that Israel had consistently been recording tens of thousands of cases just a couple of months ago. 

Currently, more than 100 patients are in a critical condition, which is only a tenth of the figure that was recorded when the pandemic was at its peak in the country. The Health Ministry further reported that less than 10 people have lost the battle with the virus in the last week. On the other hand, more than a month ago, the same number of people were losing their lives to the virus on a daily basis. 

At the beginning of the year, patients were reported to have succumbed to the deadly disease in droves. 

Furthermore, the reproduction rate of the virus, R, has been consistently stable at a figure of 0.8 for the past couple of weeks. This number is an indicator of how many people on average are being infected by one individual, who has tested positive for the virus. The number has remained at 0.8 despite the extensive openings in the country as the cases of the coronavirus fall. 

Meanwhile, the government’s vaccination campaign is still moving, even at a slow pace. In the past week, around 10,000 to 12,000 people received their vaccinations on a daily basis, as compared to the 200,000 who were coming in for inoculation when the deadly disease was at its peak in the country. 

As of now, more than 900,000 eligible adults in the country have chosen to not get the jab. 

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