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Israel Sends Coronavirus Aid to India

May 2, 2021
Israel to Start Administering Vaccines on 27th December

The Foreign Ministry in the State of Israel has revealed that they are all set to start sending medical assistance to its friend, India. 

The aid being sent will include numerous oxygen generators, individual and group, which the people of India need immediately at the moment. To alleviate the burden on the health system in the country, Israel is also delivering respirators, medications, as well as other necessary medical equipment. 

Moreover, Amdocs, an Israeli company, had decided to donate at least 150 oxygen generators as a sign of good faith. An international Jewish charity, Joint Distribution Committee, also took to making its contribution by donating equipment to India, which includes the Jewish community residing in Mumbai. 

This medial assistance will reach India via a number of flights in the days to come. 

As of now, India is dealing with the consequences of a brutal second wave of the novel coronavirus. The country recorded more than 300,000 cases on Friday alone. 

Gabi Ashkenazi, the Foreign Minister, added that Israel’s gesture of sending medical aid to India in its time of need is an ode to how deep the friendship is between the two countries. 

He added that India holds a very important place in the hearts of Israelis. Moreover, he added that the two countries share strong strategic ties that cover a wide range of economic, security, and political issues. 

Ron Malka, the Ambassador of Israel to India, took to the micro-blogging website, Twitter, to add that the State of Israel is fully in support of India and is ready to lend it a hand. 

The Foreign Ministry also appreciated the efforts made by India towards Israel when the pandemic first took over the country. It recalled that Israel’s friend had sent raw materials for medications, as well as masks, and took steps to ensure the repatriation of the citizens of Israel. 

In other news, foreigners residing in Israel have been granted permission to exit the country but, only for a short period of time. Moreover, they will be allowed to set foot in the country only after they fill in an online form, which has been set up by the Administration of Border Crossings, Population, and Immigration. 

The relevant authority on the matter added that the form needs to be filled out at least seven business days prior to the date for which the flight has been scheduled. In addition, all those applying will be required to show a scan of their residence permit, return permit, and their passport. 

The return permit has been deemed to be valid only for a period of 45 days. It can be used only once to re-enter the premises of Israel. It can be used by yeshiva, the Foreign Ministry, workers, and seminary students in the country. 

Everyone setting foot in Israel, whether they are citizens of not, also have to show a PCR coronavirus test, taken in the past 72 hours before the flight departed. People arriving will also be required to present a PCR test that they take after arriving in the country. 

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