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Israel Starts Off with its Third-Shot Coronavirus Campaign

Jul 29, 2021

On Friday, the State of Israel began its campaign to administer booster shots to people aged over 60, who received the vaccination only five months ago. The very first doses of the third shot of the coronavirus vaccine were administered at the Maccabi Health Services, which is located in Ramat Hasharon. Sheba Medical Center and Clalit Health Services, situated in Tel Hashomer and Netanya respectively, also began giving the third dose of the vaccine. Isaac Herzog, the President of the country, also visited Sheba to receive his booster shot. 

While receiving his dose, he praised the medical facility for being one of the 10 top hospitals across the globe. He talked about how the booster shot is vital to ensure normal circumstances, amidst life in the pandemic. According to him, the citizens of Israel need to get the third shot administered to show solidarity towards their country. 

Herzog further discussed the expected situation after a couple of weeks, when High Holidays will start shortly after the reopening of schools. He stressed that if people want to live without restrictions, then they must get vaccinated, especially the elderly. The President concluded that it is important for the citizens of the country to protect each other and follow coronavirus guidelines. 

The booster shot was given to Herzog by Lina Ahmad, a nurse at Sheba. Michal, his wife, was also inoculated alongside him, as well as the medical personnel at the center who qualified for it. 

The Prime Minister of the country, Naftali Bennett, spoke at the event as well. He addressed the foreign leaders and press, saying that the fight against coronavirus is one that everyone is fighting across the globe. He stressed that the only way that the deadly disease could be beaten was if the affected countries came together to defeat it. 

According to him, battling the pandemic together meant sharing information, technology, methods, actionable steps, and insights. He added that the country is open to sharing its information from the world and showing what can be gained from the bold move of administering the third shot of the coronavirus vaccine. The Prime Minister said that Israel will abide by a new mitzvah: get your parents vaccinated. 

Benjamin Netanyahu, the leader of the opposition, along with his wife, Sara, were also scheduled to be vaccinated at Sheba. Earlier in the day, Eli and Yafit Shapira were the first citizens of the State of Israel to have received the booster shot. Their daughter-in-law, Moran Shapira, who is a nurse at a health center located in Hod Hasharon, administered the shot herself. 

At Clalit, the first people to get vaccinated was a 73-year-old Raphael Yefet, and his 72-year-old wife, Kfat Netter. The Netanya health center gave them the third shot of the coronavirus vaccine. The vice president of medicine at the Meuhedet Health Services, Dr. Dudi Mosinzon, asserted that everyone has a responsibility to ensure that the virus does not spread. He was also vaccinated earlier on Friday. 

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