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Israel to Allow Entry to Laborers from Jordan for Vaccination

Mar 9, 2021

The State of Israel has announced that it will be letting 700 laborers from Jordan, cross the border and enter the country. These people will then be allowed to work in hotels in the city of Eilat, which is expected to experience a boom in tourism on the upcoming Passover holiday. 

The laborers will come from the neighboring city of Aqaba in Jordan, to Israel, despite the fact that it is currently categorized as a red city. This particular color has been assigned to Aqaba due to a high rate of Covid-19 infections in the city.

Therefore, Israeli authorities have decided that the laborers coming in will be given both the doses of the coronavirus vaccine. They will also be required to isolate themselves in coronavirus-assigned hotels before they are permitted to begin their employment period. The first dose will be administered at the border, to make sure that the tourists in Eilat are safe from the disease. 

Next, the laborers will be taken to the coronavirus hotels, where they will all be tested for the infection in order to ensure that they are not positive. This test is mandatory before anyone can be cleared to work in hotels located in the southern coastal enclave. 

A week after the administration of the second jab of the vaccines, the laborers will be permitted to return to their home country. From then on, they will be able to move freely from Jordan to Israel on a daily basis. 

However, the report that informed of all these developments made, also claimed that the deal struck with Jordan was only with the Israeli government and Israel Hotel Association. This means that no outside body will be responsible for observing and monitoring the laborers while they isolate. Consequently, the hotels will be in charge of ensuring that all isolation requirements are followed down to a tee. 

In other news, some important data was released on International Women’s Day, by the Knesset Research and Information Center. It indicated that half of the patients of the coronavirus in Israel were women. In addition, more than half of all the citizens who have been completely vaccinated against the disease, are also women. 

The data went on to show that 42% of the deaths caused by the infection were women. 48% of the total number of patients hospitalized due to the coronavirus were also women. 

The report further clarified that of the coronavirus patients aged below 80 who passed away, women-only constituted 36% of the total figure. Whereas, where people over the age of 80 are concerned, the percentage of deaths of men and women was more or less the same. 

It was also pointed out that a greater number of women, than men, reported that they were worried about the virus. Anxiety, stress, and feelings of loneliness were quite common amongst the gender during the outbreak. 

Data collected from the European Union showed somewhat the same results as the research carried out by the Knesset Research and Information Center. 

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