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Israel to Lead the Economy Post-Coronavirus

Mar 7, 2021

Dan Senor, the host of the Post-Corona podcast and the co-author of Start-Up Nation, has stated that it is highly probable for Israeli entrepreneurs to lead the economy in a post-coronavirus world. 

In his opinion, the citizens and authorities of the State of Israel are experienced and well-versed in dealing with uncertainty and chaos. This, he said, comes from a combination of being a part of IDF, as well as the region that they reside in. He also asserted that the chaotic quality of Israeli life is another reason why entrepreneurs from Israel are likely to outshine others. 

He went on to add that despite the many challenges faced by the country in managing the crisis of the coronavirus, Israel is now referred to as the ‘vaccination nation’. Therefore, it is in prime condition to chart the course for the entire world when it comes to implementing a post-vaccination exit strategy. 

On Sunday, the State of Israel began rolling out the third phase of its exit strategy. Dining halls in hotels were opened, as well as cultural performances and events. In addition, the majority of the green passport holders were granted permission to reopen their cafes and restaurants. This passport is a secure verification certificate that indicates that a person has been inoculated with both the shots of the Pfizer vaccine. 

Several companies, such as Mobileye and Check Point Software Technologies are progressing towards the policy of requiring staff to get vaccinated in order to come to work. They are also coming up with solutions to verify that individuals have actually gotten the jab. Meanwhile, Hadassah-University Medical Center has informed its medical staff that they will not be permitted to work with patients if they do not get vaccinated first. 

Senor also talked about how the entire world is now witnessing the ‘war mindset’ that Israel has with the rollout of the vaccines in the country. He praised how the country has successfully showcased the power of its data and digital structure to the world. 

According to the host of the podcast, a major role was played by the Health Funds in Israel, who communicated with the citizens in an efficient and easy way. This effective communication helped bring in mass participation for the campaign. 

Senor expressed pride that the country was able to leverage data on the people getting the shots, in order to determine just how effective the campaign was. 

He informed that every Israeli has an electronic health record, which enabled the health funds to accumulate data over the past few decades. Thus, every citizen who was vaccinated was thoroughly examined for the effects of the vaccination by way of their past medical history. 

The co-author also discussed the importance of this data, saying that it is rich and valuable for all those seeking to examine the effect of the coronavirus vaccine. Furthermore, he revealed that this data is what allowed the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, to strike a deal with the CEO of Pfizer, Albert Bourla, to receive a large number of vaccines so fast. 

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