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Israel to Start Administering Vaccines on 27th December

Dec 10, 2020
Israel to Start Administering Vaccines on 27th December

On Wednesday night, the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, announced that the country will start administering the Covid-19 vaccine to the citizens of the country. The date decided for this ceremonious day is 27th December 2020. 

Just a few days ago, a couple thousand vaccines were delivered to Israel by Pfizer. On that day, the Prime Minister held a news conference to talk about the plan adopted for the administration of vaccines. He revealed that at least 60,000 citizens will receive the vaccine in a day, mainly with the help of local health funds. 

According to the leader, every citizen who receives the vaccination will also be given a green passport. It will allow them to move around freely. However, he added that Yuli Edelstein, the Health Minister, and Netanyahu himself, are currently discussing more details of the program. He assured the public that more details will come soon. 

On Wednesday night, Edelstein expressed happiness over the arrival of the vaccine. He went on to add that the more people who get vaccinated, the easier it will be for the economy to start back up again. 

The Health Minister further said that if a person tests negative twice for coronavirus tests, they will be released from isolation upon completion of a 10-day period. He too informed the public that more details of the administration of the vaccine will come soon. 

One historic moment in Israel came on Wednesday, when the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccines arrived in the country. The Prime Minister himself visited the airport to be part of the welcome party. In a short ceremony held on location, he announced that he is volunteering to be the first to receive the vaccine. 

Netanyahu expressed that he believes in the vaccine made by the US-based company. He stated that once Pfizer obtains the appropriate permits, the citizens of the State of Israel will be amongst the first to be vaccinated. He disclosed that he wants to serve as an example for the people and thus, is not afraid of being the first to be vaccinated. 

A DHL flight took off from Brussels carrying thousands of doses of the Pfizer vaccine, which was recently developed. The plane landed at the Ben-Gurion Airport in the morning and was met by a small group of officials that included the Prime Minister, the Health Minister, and a few others. 

A small celebratory ceremony was held at the airport where Netanyahu expressed that his hard work to fight the novel coronavirus had finally bore fruit. He and the others watched the forklift lower the container filled with the vaccines. 

Directly after being unloaded, all the doses were taken to the Teva SLE Logistic Center. They were stored in the facility for countrywide distribution in the near future. The vaccines need to be kept at a temperature of minus-70 degrees Celsius. But, they can last in a refrigerator for at least five days before being administered. 

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