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Israeli AI Firm Claims Traffic Jams are a Math Problem

May 27, 2022

When it comes to developed economies, the traffic congestion in Israel is considered one of the worst ones in the world. However, one of the IT firms in the country, which is operating in the mobility and auto sector, has said that there is an algorithm that can come in handy. An EcoMotionshowcase was recently conducted in Tel Aviv where AI and other high-tech companies are hoping to make transport cleaner and more efficient. One of the artificial intelligence companies that had been part of it included Intelligent Traffic Control, or ITC. The company has an AI software that uses road cameras for collecting data in real-time.

It then uses the data for sending instructions that consider the flow of vehicles for manipulating traffic lights. DvirKenig, the chief technology officer, as well as the co-founder of ITC, said that his company had managed to prove that it is possible to prevent a number of traffic jams mathematically. He said that their system had been used at two junctions and these had experienced a fall in congestion by almost 30%. According to the company, traffic jams are a global dilemma and calculations indicate that the average driver is stuck in traffic for about three days annually.

Plus, it is also important to note that they pump out greenhouse gases when they are stuck in traffic. This problem is a big one in Israel and according to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, it has one of the worst road congestions and its transportation infrastructure is severely lagging behind. Meir Arnon, the founder of EcoMotion, said that smart mobility has seen interest increase globally and this has pushed Israel into the auto industry, even though the country itself is not involved in car manufacturing.

The investor said that there was a time when cars were just wheels and metal and a radio, but they have now changed. He said that such things don’t matter anymore because the same companies mass produce them for all. He added that it was the driving experience that helped distinguish these companies. Arnon said that the systems that have been developed by the private defense industry of Israel and its army have become extremely vital for auto manufacturers. These systems include sensory technology, communication as well as surveillance. According to Arnon, there are more than 600 startups in this space and this has made Israel second to Silicon Valley where the mobility sector is concerned.

He further added that there were about 35 auto companies that are currently operating in Israel, which include General Motors. Head of the local technical centre of GM Motors, Gil Golan said that the future of cars is now outside, such as in the phones and cloud, which helps in creating an open platform. It has become a place for creativity and innovation, something that Israelis are expert in. Rider Dome was also one of the participants at EcoMotionthat makes the cameras used on the back and front of motorcycles for warning the riders of any dangers with the help of AI.

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