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Israeli Dj – Orin Zion keeps shining

Jul 27, 2023

Israel considered as a country full of ambitious artists , most of them have a dream to become icons , Israeli artists face in front of huge obstacles  such as social hate and rasicm , lots of competitors and probably the biggest challenge : the language .

Dj Orin Zion is one of the new upcoming names in the middle east music industry , while he tries to take the most well known Dj who ever became a huge worldwide success – Asher Swisa AKA Skazi.

Since the birth of social media such as Instagram & Youtube , artists can find a very easy way to share their art , most of them just release their music to Spotify and post this fact on other socials.

Orin gain more than 10,000 faithful followers who came to his shows and promote his music, Orin has one aim in these days  – to become the most well known Dj in Israel , one step before he tries to reach a worldwide recognition .

Orin has a great reputation in Israel , he performed in several stadiums and night clubs facing thousands of people , who created a large and incredible audience .

Orin we wish you good luck and hope to see you perform in large festivals such as “Tommorowland” .

images by DY DIGITAL

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