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Israeli Hospital Joins Forces with Sight Diagnostics for Quick Diagnosis of Blood Cancer

Jul 3, 2021

In recent news, Sight Diagnostics, a company founded in the State of Israel, has joined forces with Shaare Zedek Medical Center, located in Jerusalem. The two entered into a new research agreement to work on diagnosing blood cancer, with the help of a combination of data and images collected from the Israeli-founded company’s OLO device. Furthermore, clinical information from the Israeli hospital will also be accumulated for this purpose. 

Sight Diagnostics is a firm that makes use of cutting-edge hardware and AI to provide complete results of blood count. It came up with the research, to focus on the development of the capability to identify and classify the number of white blood cells present in the body. Moreover, the aim of this research is to differentiate between the various kinds of white blood cells, present in the immune system, known as lymphocytes. It is a procedure that has created numerous challenges for the hematological community across the world, as explained by Sight Diagnostics in a recent statement. 

Different publications that were recently released, pointed towards the fact that distinguishing between the several kinds of lymphocytes is vital for the early identification of multiple kinds of blood cancers. Reactive lymphocytes can be seen in the process of viral infection, whereas malignant lymphocytes often appear at the onset of hematological cancer. 

The Manager of Algorith R&D at Sight Diagnostics, Barak Bringoltz, stated that the process of distinguishing between reactive and malignant lymphocytes is a complex and challenging process. He added that the two types of lymphocytes display similar characteristics, which makes it difficult to tell them apart. The currently used devices and tools require highly skilled professionals, who can carry out this task in a laboratory but need an extensive amount of time to do so.

According to Bringoltz, the primary goal of the new research is to help in the development of algorithms, specifically for OLO. This will assist in the accurate and quick determination of the type of atypical lymphocytes present in the blood. Simply put, the algorithms will help figure out whether the lymphocytes in the blood samples are malignant or reactive. 

Founded in the year 2010 by Daniel Levner and Yossi Pollak, the Israeli founded company, Sight Diagnostics, utilizes advanced machine-learning technology, as well as computer vision for the purpose of running blood diagnostics. 

The OLO device of Sight Diagnostics leverages AI with the help of a method used to ‘digitize’ blood. Thus, patients are able to receive the results of their blood tests in only a couple of minutes, while at the point of care. All they need to do is wait while their finger is pricked. The system then proceeds to capture detailed images of the collected blood and analyzes them by using the computer vision algorithms being operated by AI. The testing process also includes tests of complete blood count, or CBC, which are informative but basic assessments, carried out by medical professionals. a

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