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Israeli PM and Influencers Come Together to Encourage Vaccination

Aug 8, 2021

In recent news, the Prime Minister of Israel, Naftali Bennett, had a meeting with social media influencers in the State of Israel. He joined hands with them to encourage the youth in the country to go and get the coronavirus vaccine administered. 

The meeting was held at the headquarters of Facebook Israel and organized by Israel Bidur, which is a celebrity gossip blog. The primary objective of the meeting was to ensure that the vaccination campaign of the government was promoted by these influencers to the youth of the country and convince them to get vaccinated. 

At the meeting, Bennett gave a presentation to the social media influencers and detailed the coronavirus vaccination plan of the government. He further updated them on how the relevant authorities are dealing with the outbreak of the highly infectious Delta variant in the country. The new mutation of the virus has been spreading viciously throughout Israel for the last six weeks. 

The internet stars were urged to use their exposure and platforms to request and influence the youth of the country to get vaccinated. He encouraged them to motivate and try and convince teens to receive the vaccine at the earliest. 

Addressing the influencers, Bennett told them that he wanted to make two requests. First, he asked them to convince as many teenagers in the country as possible to get the job. His second request was to get their help on reminding everyone to wear masks, in order to prevent a further spread of infections. 

He went on to tell the social media stars that their actions could be instrumental in helping save the lives of many. According to him, each influencer is capable of saving at least 30 to 40 teenagers. 

He gave a speech later in the same day, telling people that the novel coronavirus could prove to be dangerous for youngsters, as well. He quoted the phenomenon of the long coronavirus, which has symptoms that stay for months, or even years, after being diagnosed with the virus. He further said that the citizens of the country should get vaccinated so that the country could avoid imposing a lockdown during the upcoming Jewish holidays. 

It was announced just a couple of months ago that the vaccination campaign of the government would be expanded to accommodates young Israelis, aged over 12. Back in July, the Health Ministry further revealed that selected youth under the age of 12 could also get vaccinated. However, restrictions were placed with respect to only those children being allowed to get the jab who were at a greater risk of developing severe symptoms of the coronavirus. 

In light of the rising infections in the country, the State of Israel will implement a full Green Pass system from Sunday onwards. From the 20th of August, it will be in effect for children under the age of 12 as well. According to the system, masks will be made mandatory in outdoor gatherings, which have more than 100 people attending. 

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