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Israeli Tech Giants Visit Indonesia to Strengthen Ties

Aug 6, 2022

Last month, Israeli technology professionals, as well as trade authorities, visited Indonesia to start exploring investment options, technology ventures, as well as social impact proposals.

A 3-month online program was also organized and did attend by close to 100 Israelis & Indonesians in the Israel-Asia Central area.

Rebecca Zeffert

Despite the absence of diplomatic ties, Rebecca Zeffert, an Israel-Asia Organisation’s founding member as well as executive director, asserted that there remains “tremendous immense potential in learning, fintech, data security, AI, range of motion, universal health care, agritech, and water techniques.”

“The online process allows attendees on both sides to soak their toes into the water, however, the trip in individual elevated these friendships to an entirely another height,” she clarified.

“This was the very first time the majority of us had met face-to-face after months – in some cases, decades – of working exclusively online, as well as the power was palpable! Everybody was ecstatic to eventually meet personally “According to the Times of Israel.

Israeli Assembly in Jakarta

The Israeli assembly met with municipal corporate executives, university administrators, business owners, and shareholders, as well as frequented startup centers and business incubators in Jakarta, Indonesia.

The Israel-Asia Hub estimates that Israel-Indonesia trade amounts to $500 million annually. Indonesia is anticipated to be the world’s fifth-largest economic system by 2030. Furthermore, Indonesia’s digital economy is expanding at a rate of 49% annually and is expected to reach $330 billion within the next 8 years.

“Once you consider all of this, it’s not shocking that Indonesia’s electronic economy is booming, true wisdom,” Rebecca got to add.

The journey comes amid supposition that the world’s largest Muslim-majority country is looking to improve relations with the employment state, going to follow the Abraham Accords, which has seen Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates, Sudan, as well as Morocco establish relationships with Israel in 2020.

Even so, sooner this year, a high-ranking Indonesian MP asserted that his nation would never normalize relations with Israel, despite the claims that the United States provided Jakarta $2 billion in exchange for it.

Israeli Envoy’s Further Activities in Indonesia

The Israeli envoy of six spent 5 nights in Indonesia in mid-July, moving on non-Israeli travel documents. The delegates went to visit entrepreneur hubs and business incubators in Jakarta, Indonesia, as well as met with municipal corporate executives, university administrators, startups, and shareholders.

They also visited historical and cultural sites as well as, as a part of a larger tour of the nation, spent some time in villages beyond the capital, where they witnessed things firsthand the effect of domestically, social benefit projects, like the stipulation of micro-loans as well as financial coaching from over 1 million rural women, according to Zeffert.

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