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Israeli Technologies Being Scouted by Natura to Develop Sustainable Beauty and Wellness

Jun 10, 2021

A multinational cosmetics giant from Brazil, Natura & Co, is currently on the lookout for the best beauty startups and technologies in the State of Israel, in order to bring about a change in the future of beauty, as well as wellness. In addition, the corporation hopes to promote its journey in the direction of sustainability in the same industry, with the help of advanced technologies. Some of the most popular skincare and beauty brands of the multinational include Aesop, Kiehl’s, Avon, and The Body Shop. 

The Brazilian multinational has recently introduced the Natura Innovation Challenge in the Jewish state. For this purpose, it joined forces with a tech events agency and boutique consulting, founded in Israel, by the name Tech It Forward. The two were to work together to pinpoint beauty-related technologies, ventures, and research that would help Natura achieve its goal. 

Since the year 1969, Natura, based in Sao Paulo, has been creating products and services, which promote self-care. The company operates in over 110 countries and runs no less than 37,000 stores across the world. Just last year, it reported a revenue of $36.9 billion. One other thing that sets the multinational apart is the fact that all of its innovation offices are situated somewhere in the Amazon rainforest. Thus, it protects the Amazon, as well as the people living there, and develops sustainable beauty products. 

Tech It Forward, on the other hand, is an agency based in Israel, which aims to bridge the gap of innovation between global firms and startups in Israel. It has decided to partner up with Natura and help it run and host its challenge in the country. 

The co-founder of the Israeli agency, Jennifer Elias, stated that the reason it has decided to cooperate with Natura is that they both have strong values. Furthermore, she informed that Tech It Forward wants to work on more projects that matter. She went on to say that technologies can positively influence people, nature, and consequently, the world. Therefore, the agency is focused on well-being, mental health, and sustainability. 

The co-founders, Jessica Rosner and Elias, also revealed that Natura has brought them on board for a handful of reasons. One of these reasons is that the agency is known for scouting for Israeli startups with beauty-related potential and getting them in contact with corporations, partners, and investors. 

Rosner maintained that since Tech It Forward is often found covering ground in the country for international companies seeking top technologies, it has been brought on board by Natura. She went on to say that the agency’s experience with academies and startups has allowed it to know about the ecosystem in the country and relevant trends which can be imposed abroad. 

Another reason why the Israeli agency was contacted is that it has previous experience with firms and investors in Israel, from pre-pandemic times. Moreover, it has an exemplary track record of ensuring that Israeli founders have the necessary support and infrastructure required to deliver global innovations. 

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