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Israelis Get Into an Argument Over Wearing Masks on Flight

Dec 12, 2020
Israelis Get Into an Argument Over Wearing Masks on Flight

Recent news revealed that two Israeli passengers got in a heated argument on a flight, which soon took a violent turn. The passengers had been on a return flight to Israel from the Seychelles and fought over another passenger who refused to put on a protective mask.

As of late, the Seychelles has become a popular spot for the citizens of the country wanting to take a small vacation. It is an exotic archipelagic island country located in the Indian Ocean. The reason for its rising popularity is because it offers dream-like vacations. Israelis have especially taken a liking to it due to its recent decision of allowing citizens on-premises without any isolation requirements.

Thus, thousands of Israelis jumped at the chance to take a break from the third wave of the pandemic that is taking over their country. Israeli airlines helped move things along by offering appealing deals and cheap flights. 

But, as it turned out, a relaxing and pleasant vacation was not enough to prevent the occurrence of an unusual incident. It developed on an Arkia flight, which had left for Israel from the Seychelles just a few days ago. 

According to reports, the flight had been a pleasant one until a couple of passengers noticed that one of their fellow passengers did not have a mask on. They asked him to wear one but, he outright refused. This led to a heated argument and eventually, a violent brawl, where numerous passengers intervened and took different sides. 

One passenger reported that there were a lot of people who were angry at the passenger refusing to wear a mask. The coronavirus issue being a sensitive one, caused a lot of angry reactions. The passenger informed that they had been caught up in the bliss of a relaxing vacation. But, were forced back to the real world due to this argument. 

Later, the passengers recalled that none of the members of the Arkia had even tried to intervene in the argument. They did not make any attempt to calm down the passengers either. 

However, after arguing back and forth, the rebel passenger agreed to wear a protective mask. Even so, people remained agitated until the flight finally landed at the Ben-Gurion Airport. The passengers dispersed quickly but, some were held back and questioned by security employees. Those who were involved in the confrontation were especially vetted before being allowed to go back home. 

One passenger stated that this was a serious incident. He stated that the vacation was ruined simply because one passenger refused to adhere to the coronavirus guidelines and thus, put everyone at risk. He went on to say that the ‘ugly Israeli’ has emerged victorious once again. 

The ‘ugly Israeli’ is a term used when referring to a group of people of the Israeli mentality who are short-sighted, disrespect others, and are prone to losing control. The phrase has been used in the past as well to characterize violent incidents that include Israelis. 

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