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Israelis to Enjoy New Travel Locations With Government Approved Flight Plan

Mar 3, 2021

The government of the State of Israel has set in motion its plan to begin an approved reopening of the airport. The initiation of this plan will bring about exposure and allow the citizens of the country to travel to different cities of Paris, Kiev, Frankfurt, and New York. This will be a chance for people to enjoy some respite from the coronavirus pandemic that has taken over the country.

There is another possible destination that the authorities are discussing to put on the approved travel list. As of now, it is being evaluated whether it would be feasible to allow citizens to travel to London, along with these four destinations. These four locations are also the only places, which have been given permission to fly into Israel and bring Israelis home. 

Currently, there are only a handful of countries, such as Georgia, Romania, Greece, the Seychelles Islands, and Serbia, which have allowed vaccinated Israelis to cross borders and enter their country. Therefore, the citizens of Israel will be making their way to these destinations as soon as the skies open up. 

On the other hand, those Israelis who have not yet been vaccinated will have to present a report to the authorities, indicating a negative coronavirus test. Some countries like Morocco and the US have instated an airport policy, which is consistent with the one that was previously being followed by the Ben-Gurion Airport. According to the previous policy, tourists can travel as long as they have provided a report, ahead of boarding, clarifying that they have tested negative for the coronavirus. 

Other countries that are following the same policy include Rwanda, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Bulgaria, Ukraine, and South Africa along with many more. 

The travel plan for Israel was approved by the coronavirus cabinet, which gives a detailed outline of the partial reopening of the skies. It has given permission to authorized flights to take the citizens of the country, to and from the Ben-Gurion Airport. 

As per the plan, from Sunday onwards, around 3,000 Israelis will be granted permission to set foot in the country, without seeking special authorization from the governmental exemptions committee. This will only be allowed in case they are vaccinated. If not, the results of a negative coronavirus test will have to be provided before taking off and after landing.

People who have not been inoculated will have to apply for permission. In addition, the Ben-Gurion Airport has been predicted to reopen completely from the 14th of March. 

The Transportation Ministry has been awarded the responsibility of giving its approval for the number of flights allowed to fly in and out, along with the number of travelers allowed on board. 

It was also revealed that the Ministry wanted the initial number of passengers coming in to be 7,000. However, the coronavirus cabinet did not think it was feasible in the first go. The number was later cut further down to 1,000 but, later came out to be 1,200 only. 

Once the citizens land, they will be required to isolate and quarantine themselves, either inside their homes or in hotels. 

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