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Israel’s Big Delegation to COP27 Aims to Make Connections

Oct 27, 2022

Next month, hundreds of Israelis will be in attendance at the COP27 United Nations climate change conference, which is being conducted in Sharm el Sheikh in Egypt.

In the 27 years of the global confab, Israel will have its own national pavilion for the first time and they have planned dozens of Israeli events.

It is also the first pavilion for Israel of its kind since 1985 on Egyptian soil when a business conference had been held in Cairo.

The event

The COP27 will officially open in the afternoon on November 7th, with public events beginning from November 8th.

Around 36 events will be hosted by the pavilion that were selected from a total of 60 proposals. The Foreign Ministry and the Environmental Ministry said in a briefing on Monday that the events were related to climate innovation.

A publicity campaign for the pavilion has already been launched by the Foreign Ministry. The events will also be streamed live because on-site seating is only available for 45 people.

The head of the policy and strategy unit of the Environmental Protection Ministry, Yuval Laster said that the needs of the developing countries would be the focus of the events.

The pavilion

The Blue Zone of the conference will host the pavilion for official badge-holders, such as government officials, ministers, the media, along with other accredited organizations and individuals.

A Green Zone will also be present, like with all COP conventions, which is for events and exhibits carried out by civil society organizations.

Around 500 to 600 Israelis will attend these events, even though they are not included in the official delegation. The conference will continue until November 18th.

Laster said that one of the important messages of the Israeli delegation would be that Israel can make an actual global contribution in terms of climate innovation.

This includes bringing down carbon emissions and also helping countries in preparing for and coping up with the impacts of climate change.

Another message that Israel wants to send is their interest in ensuring regional cooperation.

The subjects

Some of the subjects that the events will tackle include biodiversity, smart transportation, cooperation and the challenges that local governments are facing.

They will also focus on bringing down climate emissions to net zero by 2050 and ensuring that all sectors of the society can benefit from the transition.

A number of bilateral meetings will also be conducted. A climate risk map will by launched by the delegation from Israel, which is a project of the Environmental Protection Ministry.

Tamar Zandberg, the Environmental Protection Minister, said that they would share it with the country’s neighbors.

There will also be Israeli events at the COP27 that will not be part of the pavilion. The main business event of Israel for climate technologies is scheduled for November 8th.

The Foreign Trade Administration of the Economy Ministry will partner with the Israel Export Institute, along with the Israeli Manufacturers Association and the Foreign Ministry.

They will present solutions from Israel in the field of water scarcity, food-tech, energy and agriculture.

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