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Jerusalem Administers Vaccinations at Mahane Yehuda Bar

Mar 6, 2021

In recent news, the City of Jerusalem administered vaccinations to young people in the bards of Mahane Yehuda. This was an attempt made by the authorities to encourage more people to get inoculated and help the country successfully combat the coronavirus. 

The municipality had set up a booth for vaccination in close proximity of the bars, in order to encourage the people visiting the bars to get vaccinated. 

Various young people arrived in droves at the pubs located on Beit Yaakov Street and did end up getting vaccinated. This plan was initiated by the Youth Center of the Youth Authority. 

Moreover, in an attempt to get more young people to receive the vaccine, local bars also chipped in by offering free non-alcoholic drinks to all the people getting inoculated. The vaccinations were administered by the medical staff employed at Magen David Adom (MDA), who were also available to answer any questions that the public may have about the coronavirus and its vaccines. 

One of the spokespeople of the MDA said that they are going to continue making efforts and using all the resources at their disposal to ensure that young people in Jerusalem come forward to get vaccinated. They said that this will help the country return to life as it was before the coronavirus. 

In other news, the CEO of Pfizer, Albert Bourla, announced that he will not be coming to the State of Israel as planned. The reason for his cancellation was the fact that he has not yet been fully vaccinated against the novel coronavirus. 

A report was released on the matter which revealed that Bourla, along with various members of the delegation, who were supposed to accompany him on his visit to the country, have not yet received the second dose of their own vaccine. 

As a result, a decision was made to delay the visit of the CEO by at least a couple of days. This, however, posed as a logistic challenge because the Israeli elections are to be held in the near future. 

Back in December, Bourla had revealed that he had not been given the vaccine because he did not want to go over and above everyone’s heads to receive it. He stated that he will wait to be inoculated until the vaccination campaign in his respective country reaches his age group for vaccinations. As it is, he has been given the first dose but, not the second one as yet. 

A Pfizer spokesperson also added that the company is hoping to visit Israel in the upcoming days to witness the success of the vaccination campaign and meet the decision-makers. They hinted that their visit will probably now be scheduled for the end of spring. 

Bourla became quite popular amongst the media last week when he gave an interview in which he referred to Israel as the ‘world’s lab’. According to him, this title is apt for the country due to the coronavirus vaccine rollout that it carried out on behalf of Pfizer. 

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