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Jonathan Mimouni Sheds Light On The Types Of Online Marketing

Jan 29, 2021

Majority think online marketing is just about creating a business webpage and having it appear in the first few links of popular search engines. However, this is not how online marketing works and there is a lot that goes behind it. Creating a webpage or website of your company may be the first step towards company’s digital presence but it’s surely not the only step. It is merely the tip of the iceberg and the real work goes in marketing the website and getting customers. Jonathan Mimouni online marketing strategies reflect the different aspects that aid the process of advertising and marketing through the internet.

Optimization Score

Jonathan Mimouni, Online Marketing Expert
Jonathan Mimouni, Online Marketing Expert

What is considered an advertisement for any company or business is the results that google search gives for the particular company or business. When the company website pops up in the search result it is marketing as that link would be visited by potential customers. Those who will be interested in the niche of the company or business will visit the link and explore the website. Mostly internet surfers are keen on just the first few links on the first page of the search results. Therefore, your objective should be to appear on the first page and in the top half of the search results.

How well your website is doing can be ascertained through the google optimization score. This optimization score as Jonathan Mimouni puts helps you reach the full potential of your online marketing strategies. The optimization score is calculated keeping in view your reach, status of the account, campaigns and settings. This score is very helpful in assessing where you stand online.

Organic and Inorganic Reach

Another important aspect of online marketing is organic and inorganic reach. This means that your business or company can either have genuine following or paid audience. If your business has genuine followers then that means it has an organic reach which means the audience it is generating is real.  This kind of reach gives you the true picture of how well your business is doing and how it can be improved. Organic reach is also the long-lasting one as opposed to inorganic which is short termed.

Since inorganic audience is purchased therefore, they lose their value after the initial marketing. This audience doesn’t participate in the real business of the company and do not even account for the customers and clientele of the company. They are just there to make the business or company have a larger reach.

Native Advertising

Another form of online marketing is native advertising which according to Jonathan Mimouni is quite popular. This basically refers to the sponsored content that appears on any platform that has been paid to advertise it. This type of advertising camouflages itself with the form and function of the platform on which it is being appeared. It can take the form of an editorial or an article or even a video. Such form of marketing also grabs the viewers’ attention and leaves the viewer wanting more. It has been seen that customers interact with such ads more than they do with traditional ads that are displayed in form of banners.

Native ads also seem to encourage conversions, which means that those viewing the ads of a particular business eventually become customers of that business. Since this content is more interesting, therefore potential customers interact more with such content. More interaction also means increased reach which is good for the marketing of any business or company.

Online Marketing Service Providers

When taking services of online marketing service providers such as Jonathan Mimouni an important aspect is content writing. Marketing is all about how you sell your product or service and only a good content writer can eloquently products or services through words. It is therefore, essential that you look out for the quality of content writing that any online marketing service provider has to offer. It is the quality and choice of words that will either make or break the image of your product of service.


Jonathan Mimouni has been in the business of online marketing services for a while now. While this article just covers some of the marketing strategies that the platform has to offer there are many that are yet to be dealt with. For instance another very important and popular form of online marketing is social media marketing. Likewise there are many more online marketing tips that Jonathan Mimouni has to offer. You must read up on the online marketing tips if you are a business or individual looking into online marketing of their products or services.

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