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Knesset Allows Electronic Bracelet for People Returning from Abroad

Mar 17, 2021

In recent news, the Knesset approved a bill, according to which the citizens of the country returning from abroad may be asked to wear an electronic bracelet. This particular bracelet will make sure that they are quarantined in a hotel or that they isolate at home. 

The legislation authorizes the government to force people returning from abroad or coming in from a handful of specific countries, to choose one of the two options. However, they cannot ask children under the age of 14 to do the same, as well as some special humanitarian cases. 

All the citizens of the State of Israel who are currently returning to the country have been strictly asked to isolate. But, if they provide proof of vaccination or a certificate of recovery issued by the Health Ministry in the country, they will not have to do so. 

On the other hand, the nationals who have been inoculated or recovered from the virus abroad will be allowed to leave quarantine only if they take a serological test. This test will help determine the presence of antibodies in these people. 

For the past several weeks, electronic devices are being used. However, up until now, putting them on was a voluntary activity ensuring that citizens were not breaking the rules of quarantine. 

The bill has outlined that this operation will be carried out by private companies, which have been delegated this responsibility by the Health Ministry. The information collected from this bracelet is going to be stored in government-owned servers while being maintained by the private companies themselves. 

In addition, all this collected data will be deleted permanently once 30 days are up or by the end of the period if no infractions are reported. The companies delegated will immediately inform the relevant authorities, in case the person concerned leaves their residence. 

The Health Ministry revealed that the bracelet does not have the ability to monitor any other details about the individual who is wearing it. It can only tell whether or not the person is complying with the rules and regulations of isolation. This was also discussed by the President and CEO of SuperCom, Ordan Trabelsi. 

In the case that the quarantine rules are violated, the devices will not be able to track the location of the person concerned. But, they will be able to let the authorities know that the individual is no longer present in the confined area that was assigned to them for the duration of their quarantine. 

Where the quarantine enforcement is concerned, the bill has been deemed to be an essential tool in helping the authorities move towards reopening of the borders, especially to the citizens of the country. 

While the law was in the works at the Knesset, the Supreme Court stated that the current restrictions in the country that limit the number of citizens entering the country on a daily basis, be eliminated. As per the ruling, these regulations will be canceled from Sunday onwards. 

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