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Kochavi Visits Underground Coronavirus Ward

Oct 20, 2020
Kochavi Visits Underground Coronavirus Ward

Lt. Gen Aviv Kochavi, the Chief of Staff of IDF, recently paid a visit to the coronavirus ward in the Rambam Health Care Campus. On Wednesday, the IDF shared details of his visit with the public. 

Kochavi met up with Dr. Michael Halbertal, the director-general of the medical center. They had a discussion in-depth about the work and direction of the hospital. They talked about specific details of the cooperation between the IDF and the medical center, in the coronavirus ward. 

The Chief of Staff also took a detailed tour of the underground ward. He met and talked to patients of the virus. He also addressed the hospital staff and the IDF, offering them his personal gratitude for all the work that they have been doing. 

However, Kochavi did not visit the medical center alone. He was accompanied by Brig.-Gen. Alon Gazberg, the Chief Medical Officer of the IDF, and Maj.-Gen Yitzhak Turgeman, the Director of the Technology and Logistics of the IDF. 

They also made sure to check out the ‘Keter’ coronavirus ward. It had been set up only 72 hours after the order came to ensure that it was functional. The IDF and medical center both had worked together to ensure that it was up and running effectively. 

Kochavi also took a tour of the new communications center that has been added to the medical center. It is the place where the status of the patients present in the ward is tracked. Additionally, it allows communication to be upheld with those present inside and outside the ward. 

In a statement, the IDF Chief of Staff also stated that they are all committed to fighting the war against all their enemies, including the coronavirus. He addressed the exposure of the terror tunnel in close proximity to Gaza, which took place on Wednesday. Kochavi went on to say that if they were to win any war, the IDF requires the cooperation of the citizens of the country. 

At the end of his speech, he also thanked the hospital, stating that the Rambam Medical Center has been instrumental in saving the lives of many IDF soldiers in the past. The Chief of Staff went on to add that the entire country owes the hospital their gratitude. According to him, the doctors and the staff at the medical center also require separate recognition for all their services.

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