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Makeme.Click: Technological Solutions For Monitoring Online Advertising

Aug 15, 2019

Makeme.click makes expensive and complex technology simple, convenient and accessible to all digital marketers.

A large company or a small business, all devotes a significant portion of their advertising budget to the Internet, in addition to all other channels. Along with the meteoric growth in online advertising, the need to monitor and manage it effectively increases in order to maximize the budget, both in terms of exposure and targeting the target audience. This is how online traffic monitoring systems have been set up to monitor every progress, from clicks to sales.

Makeme.click is a web-based traffic management system, based on leads and clicks, enabling the establishment and management of an array of services and even multi-product and service programs. All with ease, efficiency and thought of a user experience; Makeme.click enables number of clicks required to a minimum.

Makeme.click was founded in 2017 by Ben Shoham, who has a degree in electrical engineering and background in programming, and Lior Haleva, who holds a degree in business administration and information systems, background in programming and management of Linux systems. At the time, the company ran a network advertising service, and services to manage the traffic. Ben and Lior used a variety of shelf products that provided only partial solutions and enabled them to use several systems simultaneously. Even when they found systems that provided almost complete solutions; these systems were complex to use, not intuitive, with the need for a management and development team or, alternatively, required large companies with considerable resources. The prices of the systems were as follows: $800-2,000 per month.

"We decided to entertain the idea of ​​developing a complete, easy and user-friendly solution for ourselves to unite all the systems in one place. So we reached a product called Makeme.click", Ben and Lior say.
We decided to entertain the idea of ​​developing a complete yet simple and user-friendly solution for ourselves to unite all the systems in one place. So we reached a product called Makeme.click“, Ben and Lior say.

When they started working with the system and exposing it to colleagues in the field, they were amazed at the enthusiasm and realized that the need was shared by the market.

Today, Makeme.click is an easy-to-use platform from the technological aspect that offers an intuitive user experience. “With these advantages, we now have the opportunity to make the solution available to all those marketers, large and small, who are looking for an efficient, fast and easy to use solution without the need to hire a development team at negligible costs. Providing a high-quality, low-cost alternative of $49 a month, we are offering a product that is fully SaaS – Software as a service. “We take complex technologies and make them useful for the online marketers through a simple interface”, they explain.

Makeme.click provides all the necessary tools for marketers, advertisers, and affiliate program managers under one online system ready for immediate use. Furthermore, the system is adapted to all mobile devices. All features are fully accessible from any mobile device at any time.

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