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Man in Serious Condition after Electronic Cigarette Blows Up

Oct 12, 2022

On Wednesday, a 28 year old resident from Dimona was hospitalized and is in serious condition after the e-cigarette that he had been smoking blew up in his face.

The incident occurred when the man was working in the south of the country at a car racing track.

Serious condition

The paramedics were called to the scene by bystanders who had come to assist the injured man. He was in serious condition due to which he was transported for treatment to the Soroka Medical Center by the Magen David Adom paramedics.

The MDA medics revealed that they had been called for assisting a man who was lying on the sign of the road.

The man was fully conscious, but his face was bleeding and he had burns to his chest. They said that those at the scene had informed them that the injuries had resulted because of an electronic cigarette that he had been smoking.

The electronic cigarette malfunctioned and then exploded in the man’s face, but it was unclear as to why it had happened.

One of the top public health official, Professor Hagai Levine said that the damage that the injured man had suffered was just an addition to the damaging health outcomes that are already associated with electronic cigarettes.

Electronic cigarettes

Levine said that the companies making e-cigarettes were continuously marketing to young people because their goal was to get them addicted and they were just exploiting regulatory weakness for this purpose.

The Health Ministry had contemplated imposing a complete ban on electronic cigarettes in 2019. This was after reports from the US about deaths related to e-cigarettes.

There has been a rise in the use of these electronic cigarettes, often known as vapes, especially in the younger population.

The US Food and Drug Administration had imposed a ban back in June on the sale of vape products that are manufactured by Juul.

This is because the nicotine levels were extremely high in the flavored oils that the company produces.

Israel’s action

A ban on importing Juul products had already been imposed in Israel in 2018, which contain nicotine of more than 20 milligrams.

However, the use of electronic cigarettes is still legal in the country. At the time, Robert M. Califf, the Commissioner of the FDA, had also talked about the topic.

He said that the ban they had imposed on Juul products was just more progress on their commitment to ensure that the electronic cigarettes and electronic nicotine delivery systems that are being promoted to people are in accordance with public health standards.

There are a total of 24 countries that have completely imposed a ban on vaping, which include Hong Kong, India, Brazil and Argentina.

As far as other countries, including Australia and the United States are concerned, they have developed strict laws relating to the use of electronic cigarettes.

Likewise, the rules are also strict for importing vapes and the products that are associated with them.

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