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Maroon 5 Prepared to Rock the Stage in Tel Aviv

May 8, 2022

The return of live music is an indicator that the novel coronavirus has finally moved on from the pandemic stage. Various big international acts are now gearing up to perform in the State of Israel, one of which is Maroon 5. As of this spring, numerous nostalgia acts are also going to be taking place in the Jewish state, such as Jethro Tull and Deep Purple and The Pixies. These musical groups are known for their ability to fill up stadiums in the country. However, there are current hitmakers who will also be making a splash soon enough, same as Maluma did last month. 

Justin Bieber is scheduled to perform in the month of October, whereas Maroon 5 will be rocking the stage in Tel Aviv sometime in the next week. The pop rock group, which is based in LA, is hands down one of the best-selling musical artists across the globe. It has record sales that match those of Beyonce and Adele, and compete with classic rock acts, like Rod Stewart and Fleetwood Mac. There is no denying that Maroon 5 is just as popular in the Jewish state as it is across the globe. It sold out its first show on the 9th of May, which is going to take place in Hayarkon Park. 

If the arrival of one of the biggest pop-rock groups in the world was not exciting enough, the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions Movement decided to raise a storm of its own. The movement began a campaign to ensure that Maroon 5 cancels its concert to take place in apartheid Israel. However, instead of calling off its performance, the band decided to add another date to its tour of the Jewish state. Another Maroon 5 concert will be taking place in Tel Aviv on the 10th of May. Adam Levine, the mega-celebrity front man of the band, took to posting a video of Maroon 5 on Instagram in the previous month. 

In it, he announced the upcoming concert and expressed how excited all the band members were. As part of good news for fans, he further revealed the additional date of the tour. In his words, another performance had been scheduled due to the incredible response received from fans of the pop-rock group. Levine further stated that the band is excitedly preparing to perform in the city of Tel Aviv. Maroon 5’s concerts in Israel are a part of the Middle Eastern jaunt of its world tour. It will start with a concert right beside the pyramids of Giza, in Egypt, and then go all the way to Abu Dhabi. 

Next, the band will head to Israel, which is another small indication of how helpful Abraham Accords have been. Due to the treaty signed, international acts now find it easier to take their performances straight to the Jewish state. After rocking the stage in Israel, the band will move on towards its North American leg of the tour. It was here that it recently added more than 10 days to its quite successful tour. 

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