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Netanyahu Called Out for Using Vaccination Slogan for Likud Campaign

Mar 11, 2021

In recent news, the Central Elections Committee (CEC) has given three days to the Likud Party and the Prime Minister of the country, Benjamin Netanyahu, to explain the slogan of their campaign. 

The party has copied the slogan ‘coming back to life, which is the official tagline of the national coronavirus vaccination campaign in the State of Israel. Therefore, Justice Uzi Vogelman, the Chairman of the CEC, has asked Netanyahu to clarify how this action is not a forbidden election propaganda. 

The Achrayut Leumit (National Responsibility) movement filed a suit against the Likud at the CEC. It argued that the slogan cannot be used by both, the political party and the coronavirus vaccination campaign of the Health Ministry. The NGO said that by using the slogan for themselves, the Likud has tried to showcase and imply a close connection between the party and the vaccination campaign of the government. 

The movement further added that Likud politicians should be forbidden from setting foot in HMOs, vaccination clinics, as well as hospitals until after the elections have taken place. It went on to argue that Netanyahu and his party are using the resources of the government for the purpose of their election campaign. 

Oshi Elmaliah, the director-general of the Achrayut Leumit movement, also had a few words to say about the use of the slogan by the Likud. He stated that Netanyahu improperly and illicitly used a public-national slogan only to serve his own self-interests. According to him, the Prime Minister did this knowing that no one will put an end to this recurring gross offense.

In addition, Elmaliah expressed hope that the impartial justice system in the country will not let the leader of the State of Israel get away with using a government slogan for their personal gain. 

The director-general further revealed that the Honorable Justice Vogelman has banned the Likud, as well as Netanyahu, from using the resources of the country and the assets of the health system for their interests. He accused the political party of wanting to sway the elections in its favor by using improper methods to do so. 

The movement has also expressed that it will be requesting the attorney-general to further investigate the serious offenses that have been committed by the party. This includes funding laws because of the apparent existence of illicit ties that exist between the campaign leaders of the Likud and the campaigners of the health system. 

Elmaliah added that the Likud and the Prime Minister of the country are using the slogan of the national vaccination campaign to exploit the intangible and tangible assets of the health system in Israel. He believes that Netanyahu is only doing this to skew the election results in the favor of his party. 

According to the director-general, the Prime Minister tried to do the same thing with the visit of the CEO of Pfizer. However, the plan was consequently rejected due to some technicalities. 

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