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Netanyahu Claims to Have Rushed Memoir over Fear of Dying from COVID

Sep 7, 2022

On Monday, leader of the opposition, Benjamin Netanyahu said that he had been in a hurry to complete his memoir because he would worried of dying due to the coronavirus before he could finish the book.

COVID-19 fear

The book is available in English language and is titled Bibi: My Story. During its presale launch, Netanyahu said that he had written the book quickly when the COVID-19 pandemic was ongoing.

He went on to say that he was part of the vulnerable group and thought it was possible that he would not be around for finishing the book.

Therefore, he had accelerated the speed of writing the memoir. He also admitted that he would not have had the time to write it, had he succeeded in retaining his premiership.

He was able to finish his autobiography in a duration of nine months. He also added that it was infinitely easier to be head of the opposition, as compared to being prime minister.

He stated that during his executive role, he had not been able to write any of his books because it is impossible to do so.

The books

Over the course of his extensive political career, Benjamin Netanyahu has penned a number of books that cover a variety of topics.

These include the history of Zionism, combating terrorism and also a book dedicated to Yonatan Netanyahu, his older brother.

His brother was the only Israeli soldier to have lost his life in the Entebbe hostage rescue mission back in 1976.

According to Netanyahu, his new book is aimed at providing readers with some inspiration and to help them live a meaningful life.

He stated that he was born a year after the Jewish state was founded and has dedicated his life to fighting against the forces that want to destroy it.

The memoir

The 72 year old Netanyahu stated that his story was of triumph and tragedy, successes and setbacks, the lessons he had learnt and the loved ones he cherished.

He said that all of it was combined with his love for Israel, as the state had proven that they could overcome all odds and have a brilliant future if they have the resolve and faith to do so.

Threshold Editions, which will publish the book, said that it will cover the early years of Netanyahu, along with his negotiations with US Presidents, Trump, Clinton and Obama for securing Israel’s future.

It would also share his perspective regarding the geopolitics of the Middle East region. Netanyahu had served as the leader of Israel for a long time before he was ousted last year.

He is now at the heart of the political crisis in Israel, as a number of parties have refused to form a coalition with him due to his ongoing corruption trial.

Therefore, Israel is now moving towards its fifth round of elections in less than four years. The book will be published three weeks after the elections in Israel i.e. on November 22nd.

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