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New Serious COVID Cases Drop Below 100

Sep 4, 2022

The number of serious coronavirus cases in Israel dropped below the 100 mark in this week, which had not happened since June.

Likewise, the week also saw the total number of active COVID-19 cases in the country drop below 10,000 for the first time this year.

Latest data

On Friday, the Health Ministry released its latest figures, which showed that 94 people had been hospitalized because they were in serious condition due to COVID-19.

Out of these patients, there were about 33 of them who were considered to be in critical condition. On Thursday, the total number of active coronavirus cases stood at 10,239.

This is a slight increase from the total number of active cases on Wednesday, which stood at 9,965. Moreover, data showed that the number of cases reported on a daily basis had also recorded a decline this week.

This fell below the 1,000 mark, which had last happened back in December, 2021. Since the beginning of the pandemic, the total number of deaths due to COVID-19 has climbed to 11,620.

The last seven days saw about 11 people lose their lives to the coronavirus.

Cases down

Recent days have seen a fluctuation in the percentage of positive coronavirus tests, but the overall figure shows that the number of COVID-19 cases have been coming down in Israel.

It appears that the sixth wave of the coronavirus that was fueled by the BA.5 sub-variant that stemmed from the Omicron strain is coming to an end.

This particular strain had been identified in more than 50% of the cases that had been tested during the peak of the sixth wave in June.

There has been a slight increase in the virus reproduction number (R), also called the transmission number, during the month of August.

However, since June 28th, this number has been below one, with the latest data tracking it at 0.89. The R figure takes data of 10 days earlier into account.

It calculates the number of people that are infected by each coronavirus carrier on average. If the number is above 1, it means that the spread of the virus is increasing.

Vaccine campaign

Israel had proven itself to be a leader in the global COVID-19 vaccination campaign.

It was the first country to have given authorization for the fourth booster shot to be given to the elderly and at-risk people. Likewise, vaccines for children were also introduced in the country.

However, the Omicron variant resulted in record-breaking number of cases at the start of the year, but the upticks were smaller with the BA.5 variant.

The winter season is coming on and this is a cause for concern for numerous countries. The European Union has already stated that entirely new variants of the coronavirus could emerge.

However, experts have also stated that the existing vaccines should be able to offer protection to people against death and serious illness.

Israel has already lifted masking requirements and other restrictions that were in place for stopping the spread of the virus.

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