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Newborn joined the family. How will we take care of him?

Sep 6, 2022

Pregnancy period is about 9 months, after which a soft baby appears, and our job is to take care of him and feed him. The soft baby that was born and arrived in our family becomes the main thing in our lives, and we are ready to do anything for him. Our concern for the newborn is to let him feel that he has arrived in to the world when our main goal is to give him a soft landing at the entrance into this world and to provide him with his basic needs in the best quality that we can find.

What are the means to find quality products?

We have look around into search for natural products, and we also come up with the issue of finding companies that use mainly natural products or biodegradable products, which will be convenient for the mother to use and will also be pleasant to touch for the newborn because the baby’s skin is very soft and pleasant and contact with rough products does not do him good. It is also important to us that we can find all the products we need in the same company, starting with quality blankets, bath towels, clothes, good pacifiers, tableware, secrete all kinds of dangerous substances. Likewise, the products we are looking for They should also be comfortable to use by the mother as well, which should be light and natural for the newborn as well.

What materials should the products for the newborn made of?

The babynaya  company is an American company whose goal is to provide us with all its unique products when it does not use harmful substances or harmful colors. The company only uses 100% organic cotton, and its products are made of natural silicone and not of materials that contain plastic that secretes harmful substances when used in heat.

What products can be found in the company?

One of their flagship products is a mushie stacking rings  made of 100% cotton which makes it a very airy product when on the one hand the soft baby stays covered at night and on the other hand the fabric is airy and breathable, and you know that the baby does not sweat inside the bag and he feels free. –

The other product that can be mentioned is the unique towel that has a place at the end to insert the newborn’s head. It is also like what you call a product that fits like a glove. It is also of course made of 100% organic cotton and when we wrap the baby in a towel after a bath, we hug the baby with A pleasant fabric that is adapted to the delicate skin of our baby, the organic cotton is very pleasant and even after washing the towel, the rest of the fabric is absorbent and soft.

The main goal is not to make the baby’s skin encounter rough and non-breathable fabrics. We all know that the baby’s skin can be very sensitive and fabrics that are not adapted can cause unpleasant itching or in extreme cases cause pimples on the body

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