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No Deaths Recorded in Israel in the Last 24 Hours For the First Time in the Past 10 Months

Apr 24, 2021
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In recent news, the State of Israel has not recorded a coronavirus-related death in the last 24 hours, for the first time in approximately a time period of 10 months. This good news was announced by the Health Ministry.

As of now, the death toll in the country stands at 6,346. The number of people succumbing to the deadly disease has been readily decreasing since the month of January. Back then, around 60 people in a day were losing their battle with the virus.

The Health Ministry went on to add that the number of cases of the coronavirus, recorded in the last 24 hours, was 129.

It was also announced by the Health Ministry that the total number of tests conducted was more than 35,000. Out of these, 0.4% came up positive. Currently, there are around 160 patients in the country who are suffering from some serious symptoms of the disease. 97 people right now are intubated. 

Up until now, more than five million people in Israel have been given the second dose of the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine, as per a report published by the Health Ministry. 

The total count revealed that the relevant authorities have successfully vaccinated 5,004,629 citizens with the second dose of the vaccine, whereas around 5,373,617 people have received only the first dose until now. 

The Health Minister, Yuli Edelstein, took to the micro-blogging site, Twitter, to express his happiness at the current figures. He stressed upon what a major achievement it was for the citizens, as well as the health system in the country that no deaths had been recorded in the previous day. He went on to add that it is due to the joint efforts of the people and the authorities that Israel is able to defeat the virus. 

Just last week, the director of the Sheba Medical Center, Eyal Leshem, said that the country is quite close to achieving its goals of ‘herd immunity.

Herd immunity is reached when a major chunk of the population has been vaccinated against the disease, thus preventing its spread. 

Experts at the World Health Organization (WHO) believe that around 65 to 70% of a country’s population should be vaccinated before it can achieve herd immunity. According to Leshem, herd immunity is the only reason that Israel has been able to decrease the number of cases every day while opening up more and more of its economy. 

He went on to say that the continuous decline is an indicator that if a person contracts the coronavirus, the people they come in contact with will not be infected. 

The country’s vaccination campaign was started by the government in December. Ever since then, Israel has been the unparalleled leader of the number of doses administered across the globe. 

So far, the country has been using the coronavirus vaccines developed by BioNTech and Pfizer.

Israel is now also thinking about vaccinating youngsters aged 12 through 15. It is only waiting on approval from the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) to begin vaccinating this particular age group. 

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