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Number of Patients in Critical Care in Israel Falls Below 100

May 3, 2021

In recent news, the newly recorded number of patients in critical care in the State of Israel has fallen below 100. This was reported by the Health Ministry against the backdrop of government lifting restrictions previously placed on account of the coronavirus pandemic. 

The relevant authorities have now given permission to raise the capacity of indoor gatherings to 50 and outdoor gatherings can now have 500 people. Venues that have received the green pass have also been granted permission to operate fully, without any restrictions being placed. 

Israel recorded such a low number of patients in the country back in July of 2020. Back then, the tally was 90, as compared to the current number of patients that is 93. Last year, the number had risen to 113 on the 7th of July 2020, and continued to climb upwards for the following six months. 

In the beginning of the month of April, the State of Israel had recorded more than 300 patients in the country. In January, when the pandemic was at its peak, the relevant authorities had revealed that at least 1,200 patients were under critical care for a handful of days.

The Policy Chief and Executive Director at the National Coronavirus Taskforce, Tomer Lotan, expressed his joy at these numbers. He added that the relevant authorities in the country had been successful in running the government’s vaccination campaign, as well as coming up with various aspects to help life progress. He went on to commend the efforts made for the green pass outline, as well as other policies. 

In addition, the number of people currently ill from the deadly disease has also dropped. As of now, it stands at 1,244. 

In the last week, the State of Israel has recorded less than 100 new cases on a daily basis. However, the rate at which people have been testing positive for the infection has continued to stay stable between 0.1 and 0.3 for the past few days. Back when the pandemic was at its peak in the three pandemic waves that the country has experienced, this figure was well over 10%. 

The reproduction rate of the virus, R, has been at 0.8 for more than a month now. It measures the average number of people being infected by a single person carrying the infection. The government and relevant authorities have been using this number to indicate the progress being made in the face of the pandemic. 

The epidemiological situation in the State of Israel is continuously improving and the government had given its approval for the recommendation made by the Health Ministry to lift additional restrictions. From Thursday onwards, all venues that have been granted a green pass will be allowed to operate at maximum capacity and serve food to their customers. 

On a similar note, swimming pools, gyms, as well as sports facilities in the country will also be allowed to operate. However, they will function under the standard based on requirements of social distancing, which is the purple ribbon outline. This particular standard does not care for the vaccination status of individuals. 

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