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Numerous IDF Soldiers Forced into Quarantine Amidst Breakout of Coronavirus

Jul 17, 2021

It was reported late on Friday that numerous soldiers of the IDF have been forced to enter quarantine due to an outbreak of the novel coronavirus in a combat engineering unit. Around 14 soldiers belonging to this unit were tested for the deadly disease and their results came out positive.

As of now, 135 soldiers of the IDF, along with several officers, are positive for the coronavirus. This update was provided by the military itself. Around 535 service members have been placed in isolation as well. In addition, soldiers who had any form of contact with the infected patients were instructed to return home, if they tested negative for the disease. This measure was taken to ensure that a further spread of infections did not take place in the unit.

In the previous month, one worker, as well as two soldiers, all three who had been fully inoculated against the virus had tested positive. This was the first time that the Delta variant had been discovered within the IDF.

In other news, the Prime Minister of the State of Israel, Naftali Bennett, has revealed that the efficacy of the Pfizer vaccine, when it comes to the Delta variant, is much lesser than health officials had initially hoped. He announced this against the backdrop of 858 people contracting the disease in the country. In light of this information, more countries were put on the list of locations that have high rates of infection.

Bennett added that the exact degree of the efficacy of the vaccine is still unknown. Though it is helpful to a certain extent, the Pfizer vaccine is weak when it comes to providing protection against the Delta variant.

The Prime Minister sat down with the top ministers and health officials in the country to talk about the upcoming steps for managing the deadly disease, given the rise in the number of people getting infected. He claimed that the Delta strain is making its way across the globe, even in vaccinated countries, such as the US and Britain. According to Bennett, the number of children being rushed to the hospital for treatment on a daily basis, is rising in Britain.

Over 5.7 million citizens in the State of Israel have been given the first dose of the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine. The relevant authorities of the government are continuously urging the people to get vaccinated as soon as possible, especially the youngsters.

On Thursday, Israel recorded the highest number of coronavirus cases since the month of March. The positivity ratio on that day was 1.52%, as reported by the Health Ministry on Friday. However, despite the spike in the number of infections reported on a daily basis, the serious morbidity in the country remains limited.

From all the people infected, 49 were found to be in a serious condition, which was five greater than those the previous day. Just a week earlier, on the 10th of July, there were 39 people whose conditions were serious.

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