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Only 0.04% of Israelis Contracted the Coronavirus After Two Shots of Vaccine

Jan 28, 2021

Out of a total of 715,425 Israelis, only 371 have contracted the virus. This occurred at least a week after they were given two doses of the vaccine. The Health Ministry released a report on this matter on Thursday and informed that the number of Israelis who were diagnosed with the virus after receiving the vaccine is 0.04%. 16 out of these 371 were sent to the hospital. 

According to Pfizer, immunity from the deadly disease is going to kick in at least a week after the second dose of their vaccine is administered. 

The data published by the Health Ministry in Israel is turning out to be more promising than original studies conducted by Pfizer. The US-based company found out that the vaccine has an efficacy of almost 95%, which is considered to be quite high. 

Earlier in the week, data regarding the contraction of the virus was also published by the Maccabi Health Fund. Their report indicated that just 0.01% of their members were infected. It had already been a week since these members, 20 out of 128,600, had been given their second shot of the vaccine. From these 20, only 10 developed light symptoms. The good news was that no one was hospitalized. In addition, those who developed light symptoms were reported to have a history of chronic illnesses. 

Moreover, Israel has successfully established itself as a powerhouse for delivering coronavirus vaccinations. Currently, more than 3 million individuals have been given the first dose of the vaccine developed by Pfizer. This includes 82% of the people aged over 60. Meanwhile, 1.5 million people have received both shots. 

From today onwards, the medical centers and health funds in the country will be vaccinating people who are as young as 35. They have estimated that at least 200,000 shots will be administered in a day. 

In other news, the Blue and White has threatened that it will not show any kind of support for the extension of the third lockdown in the country. A spokesperson, on Thursday, revealed that this ultimatum has been given by the party to pressurize the government to pass the bill that increases fines for violations of the coronavirus guidelines.  

The cabinet has announced that it will be meeting in the near future to extend the currently imposed set of restrictions. This will also include the decision to completely close the borders of Israel. Originally, these restrictions were set to expire on the 31st of January, Sunday. 

The proposed law has been causing quite a lot of problems between the Likud, ultra-Orthodox parties, and the Blue and White. In addition, the Blue and White has demanded an increase in law enforcement in all societies. The party clearly stated that its demands should be met before the cabinet can convene to talk about the postponement of the end of the current measures. 

A watered down version of this bill was presented on Wednesday in the law committee of the Knesset. It is headed by MK Yakov Asher of the United Torah Judaism. 

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