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Only People Vaccinated in Israel Will be Exempted from Quarantine Regulations

Sep 3, 2021

In recent news, a spokesperson from the Health Ministry in the State of Israel has stated that people who receive the jab abroad will not be exempted from the quarantine regulations, which will come into effect starting from Friday. They clarified that a person could choose the option of skipping isolation if they were given the third shot of the vaccine in the country. However, there is some confusion amongst the people. 

Just two days ago, the Health Ministry had announced that starting from Friday, individuals who are considered to be fully inoculated as per the new criteria, will not have to fully isolate themselves when they set foot in the Jewish state. But this does not include travelers coming in from countries deemed to be red, such as Brazil, Bulgaria, Turkey, and Mexico. 

As per the criteria, citizens of Israel who were given their third shot at least one week ago, received their second shot in the last six months or recovered in the same time period, or have had the first jab of the vaccine after recovery, have been deemed to be protected. Therefore, all they need to do is take a PCR test once they arrive. However, they will be required to isolate for a maximum of 24 hours or until they receive the results of the test. 

Currently, the State of Israel does not accept recovery or vaccination certificates from any other country. Its borders are also not open for foreigners, and the only travelers allowed to enter the country can do so under particular circumstances. Even so, they need to file an application with the relevant authorities and get special permission. Amongst those who may receive permission to travel to Israel are first-degree relatives of Israelis, who have been fully vaccinated, as well as permanent residents. 

Both foreigners and Israelis inoculated abroad and traveling to Israel, will be able to undergo a serological test at a designated facility, which is recognized by the relevant authorities. This will allow them to prove that coronavirus antibodies do exist in their blood. 

The process states that once these results are received and approved by the Health Ministry, people traveling to the country will be granted an Israeli recovery certificate. It will consist of the date their test was taken on, as well as a Green Pass. 

The official announcement made by the Health Ministry did not initially specify whether the new regulations only apply to people vaccinated in the country. In addition, it did not make a distinction between the various types of recovery certificates. However, it was later revealed that recovery certificates granted after conducting a serological test are equal to the rest of the recovery certificates. They will ensure that an individual does not have to isolate, from Friday onwards. 

Moreover, the Green Pass issued to people who have taken the serological test, will be functional up until the 31st of December. But these regulations may be changed in the future, with respect to the coronavirus conditions in the country. 

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