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Overhaul Protestors Preparing for Day of Resistance on Thursday

Mar 8, 2023

On Thursday, a second major disruption day has been planned by the protestors against the judicial overhaul plans in the country.

Activists are referring to it as a ‘day of resistance’, which will disrupt daily life in Israel on Thursday.

The plans

This is due to the fact that roads will be blocked around Ben Gurion Airport, thereby making it difficult for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to reach there.

He is scheduled to fly to Italy on an official visit. Apart from that, there will also be temporary strikes at workplaces, main thoroughfare blockages, marches, rallies outside of homes of leading government officials and disruption of train services.

Organizers outlined the protest events in detail on the website, along with a map, and they also promised numerous surprises.

This indicated that there are some planned actions that they have chosen to not disclose publicly. The organizers said that resisting dictatorship is a civic duty and it is how they can return the country to democracy.

They added that they were battling for the independence of the nation’s citizens against the tyranny, which was trying to destroy everything they had built for 70 years.

The organizers

The organizers called on the whole public to come out to protest against the government’s plans. One of the goals is to block roads leading to the Ben Gurion Airport.

This is to prevent the premier and his wife from flying to Italy. There had already been a setback previously when El Al, the national carrier, had been unable to find a pilot for the flight.

Even though crew shortages had been cited as the reason, but it could be because of the growing public anger towards the judicial overhaul proposals of the government.

There were media reports indicating that Netanyahu could take a helicopter to reach the airport in order to avoid the expected road blockages.

Other details

The other plans include a major protest in Tel Aviv that will start from the Habima Square in the city. Moreover, tech sector workers are also planning to protest at 15 locations all over Israel.

According to the police, they are also making preparations for the demonstrations, which include 3,000 officers deployed across the country.

Officials also issued warnings that an NIS 500 fine would be applicable on drivers who deliberately cause traffic issues.

Itamar Ben Gvir, the National Security Minister, spoke at a media conference at the Rambam Medical Center in Haifa.

He said that he would tell the police to allow freedom of expression, but this does not mean that main transport arteries or Ben Gurion Airport should be blocked.

He added that anarchy would not be allowed and police has been told to use a heavy hand against protestors trying to block roads.

Protest organizers said that Ben Gvir’s comments showed that he was not acting like a minister and was just talking back.

Kobi Shabtai, the Police Commissioner, said that they would ensure that people can use their right to protest, but no damage to property, or rioting would be permitted.

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