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PlayBeyondBio Opens Applications for Second Cohort to Seek Health Solutions After Coronavirus

Jun 4, 2021
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PlayBeyondBio has launched its applications for its second cohort. This has been done in order to help pinpoint companies, which are successfully developing tools and technologies to bring about improvement in the prediction, as well as diagnosis of various diseases plaguing the health system in the State of Israel. Their efforts will consequently be taken internationally.

The initiative has been taken by PlayBeyondBio alongside AstraZeneca, a British-Swedish pharmaceutical giant. Margalit Startup City Community, Jerusalem Venture Partners, a VC fund, and Accenture, a consulting firm, also hopped up on board. The Shaare Zedek Medical Center, along with Amazon AWS also joined forces with the company. 

The application process will run up until the 18th of June, and eight startups from Israel, who are currently operating in the digital health field, will be chosen to participate in it. The startups that are accepted will then be exposed to various mentorship programs, along with a network of health systems and partners. In addition, they will have access to investments and pilots. 

The main objective of the second cohort is to develop a fast track to advance the ability of the company to commercialize all of its products. This can only be done if PlayBeyondBio has the help and support of the multiple partners of the program. 

According to the Chairman and Founder of Margalit Startup City and JVP, Erel Margalit, the future of the healthcare system in any part of the world is based on data. From prediction to the diagnosis of various diseases, as well as the development of effective treatments and drugs can only be done with the help of extracted data.

In his opinion, this particular field carries a lot of potential for the advancement of technologies that combine machine learning, AI, image processing, and remote sensors. The Chairman went on to say that these tools and technologies are the real revolutions, and the State of Israel has the chance to be the leader of innovation in the upcoming era.  

The initiative was first introduced in the previous year when the pandemic was at its peak. PlayBeyondBio2020 received the applications of hundreds but went on to choose only nine startups. In this year, it expects to move ahead with the same pace with continued efforts being made by new companies to use information systems, technology, as well as databases to identify and diagnose diseases. It hopes that these startups are effectively using advanced analytics and leveraging data to achieve these goals. 

The President of AstraZeneca Israel, Ohad Goldberg, further added that in the past couple of years, the prediction of diseases and early diagnoses have increased in their importance, especially due to their ability to have a positive impact on the treatment prognosis. Thus, AstraZeneca decided to put in its hare in the many efforts that are focusing on providing the healthcare systems with advanced tools.

The Managing Director of Accenture Israel also expressed faith in the partnership, adding that the entrepreneurs from the country will serve as a fruitful launchpad, in order to develop revolutionary medical solutions.  

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