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Police in Israel Help in the Vaccination of Hundreds Residing in East Jerusalem

Apr 3, 2021

In recent news, residents from East Jerusalem were given the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine in droves in just two days in this week. This was an important part of an initiative started by the police in Israel, as announced by the force on Thursday. 

As of now, Israeli Police is working hard to ensure that there is an increased awareness about the Pfizer vaccine amongst the people residing in East Jerusalem. Hundreds of residents belonging to the Abu Tor and Sur Baher neighborhoods were given the jabs on Wednesday and Thursday. 

Moreover, the Israeli vaccination campaign was carried out after coordination with the Home Front Command of the IDF, as well as community administrators, and medical professionals belonging to the Novolog company. 

Because of the two-day campaign run by the Israeli Police, more than 500 residents were given the vaccination in total. 

By the evening on Thursday, 5,252,175 citizens of the State of Israel had received at least the first doses of the vaccine to help them fight off the novel coronavirus. On the other hand, a total of 4,803,664 Israelis have also been given the second dose as well. 

In other news, the coronavirus vaccination numbers in the country are drastically climbing. As of now, the Health Ministry is making efforts to come up with a plan to ensure that schools can resume as per the norm. Therefore, health officials are looking for ways to break down the capsules that were formed in light of the pandemic. 

As per a plan proposed by the Health Ministry, study capsules will be slowly and steadily disbanded. Teams will be assigned to keep a close eye on infection rates, which if do not rise, will lead to additional disbandment of capsules. 

Up until now, the only capsules to have been disbanded are those that were formed amongst third graders. If this proves to be successful, the Health Ministry will give permission to more students in the country, such as those in 11th and 12th standards, to return to in-person classes. 

Currently, the State of Israel requires a vaccination rate of at least 90% to resume physical classes for these specific grades. This was revealed in a report published by the Health Ministry. 

In addition, the Health Ministry has announced that it plans on disbanding capsules of middle schoolers in the end. First, it will do away with those capsules formed between high-schoolers and students studying in elementary school. 

The Health Ministry also reported that 489 people have tested positive for the novel coronavirus on Wednesday alone. However, this figure is not significant when compared to the total number of people tested, which was nearly 38,000. This marked a positivity rate of only 1.3%. 

Currently, there are more than 7,000 active patients in the country, 402 of whom are considered to be in a serious condition. 

The death toll stands at 6,201 in Israel, soon after 11 people succumbed to the virus on Tuesday. 

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