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Pregnant Coronavirus Patient in Serious Condition Gives Birth

Jan 29, 2021

Earlier this week, a pregnant coronavirus patient, who was in a critical condition, gave birth against all odds. She was suffering serious complications as a result of contracting the disease. Nevertheless, she gave birth to a baby at the Hadassah Hospital. Soon afterwards, the hospital released a statement providing further insight into the matter.

Noa Oz, belonging to Modi’in Illit was taken to the hospital in August due to her advanced state of pregnancy. At the time, the doctors had been forced to sedate her. Soon after, she was put on a ventilator, as her condition continued to rapidly deteriorate. 

Oz recollected that she did not remember much of what happened back then. However, she does recall being sedated and put on a ventilator for seven weeks, straight. The recovering mother expressed happiness at having survived and being able to hug her baby. She acknowledged that it was no less than a miracle that she was still alive. 

A senior physician employed in the coronavirus ward of the Hadassah, Dr. Asaf Schwartz, took to explaining the course of events. He first discussed how important it was to put Oz on a ventilator immediately, in order to give the fetus a fighting chance. He recalled how the family had stressed upon the survival of the baby and the hospital had been able to deliver. 

He added that it took over two months of constant care and treatment to pull Oz through. The doctor commended the new mother on her strength. He also noted that at one point or the other, majority of the doctors at the hospital were familiar with the story of Oz. 

While she was able to survive the ordeal against all odds and successfully give birth, Oz had a challenging time with her recovery. She was not able to leave the hospital, which had become a second home for her over the past few months. 

Dr. Schwartz praised the trained and professional medical team of the Hadassah, as well as her family, for all their efforts that led to the recovery of the new mother. 

A social worker, Anat Hertz, had become a companion of Oz as she underwent the difficult ordeal. She noted the challenges that Oz’s family, as well as family members of coronavirus patients, go through. Through her observations, she recollected that it is a very traumatic experience for those who have a family member in hospice. The life-threatening situation, Hertz said, causes much turmoil, especially amongst young children who are unable to fully grasp the gravity of the situation. 

Oz was one of those patients in the coronavirus ward of the Hadassah, whose condition was quite fragile. She was termed to be one of the worst cases in pregnant women in the country. However, she is now at home with a healthy baby girl. For this reason, she is being celebrated all over the State of Israel. 

In the statement, the new mother thanked the medical teams at the Hadassah hospital, as well as her family and God for helping her through this difficult ordeal. 

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