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Program to be Implemented to Control Infection Rate

Oct 9, 2020
Program to be Implemented to Control Infection Rate

The Finance and Defense Ministry in Israel have joined hands to implement their very own ‘Personnel Programs’ in orange and red cities. This is being done to curb the infection rate of the coronavirus and to try and reduce morbidity rates. 

Benny Gantz, the Defense Minister, believes that the morbidity rate has significantly fallen in all the areas where the program was tested. He stated that the local authorities should be given all the tools needed to curb the rising cases. 

Gantz also reported that all the localities where they ran their program, were able to yield fruitful results. The program, he informed, enables isolated patients to be accompanied and provided with food. He stated that the importance of all these actions will become even clearer when the closure is opened.  

On Thursday, the Home Front Command and the IDF ran this program in nearly 150 cities across the country. The local authorities coordinated with them, and this marked an increase of 11 cities. 

At the same time, numerous cities, such as Bnei Brak, are witnessing an improvement in the steps being taken by the government. NIS 1 million has already been allocated for investments in proactive activities and dispersal of information to protect individuals, adults, and families of those in isolation. 

On Friday, the Health Ministry announced that 3,693 people had tested positive for coronavirus that day when a total of 48,806 tests were conducted. This marked the lowest rate of infection recorded in the country since September. In other words, a positive return of 8% of the conducted tests was yielded. As of now, the death toll stands at 1,879. 

In addition, of the 59,578 coronavirus patients in the country of Israel, 233 are intubated and 850 are in critical condition. 

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