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Researchers from Israel Seeking a Cure for the ‘Incurable’

Apr 15, 2021
Israel Enters Into Negotiations for AstraZeneca’s Coronavirus Vaccine

In recent news, an Israeli company by the name of ElaPharma announced that it has come up with a cure for numerous untreatable diseases. The results to its treatments are concluded by first conducting research at the Ben-Gurion University. The company, after some thorough research has made a bold statement saying that it can put a stop to death or rather, save the body tissue from dying. 

ElaPharma was founded by Roi Paul Nathan and Prof. Ilana Nathan. It is currently working on developing a cure for the primary mode that leads to the demise of body tissue. In scientific terms, it is known as necrosis and is linked to numerous diseases. As of now, these diseases have no cure that can be administered with the help of drugs. 

Roi Paul Nathan, who is also the CEO of the company, added that the unique technology possessed by ElaPharma is nothing short of a paradigm shift. He went on to add that the technology owned by the Israeli company is well-equipped to address the cellular necrosis pathway. 

According to him, the technology is used to specifically focus on cellular injury, which leads to organ failure and the death of cells with the help of molecules that prevent necrosis. Nathan added that the entire idea is to ensure that people can live for a longer time in top-notch health, in order to put a stop to diseases that are incurable. 

The Israeli company currently has a bunch of patents and has made significant progress in its preclinical stage. It believes that it has the power to revolutionize the cure for several diseases, such as stroke, heart attack, pancreatic and liver disease, Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), as well as Alzheimer’s. 

Nathan described a scenario and asked people to imagine what would happen in such a case. The scenario talked about a person, suffering from a heart attack, is rushed immediately to a hospital where emergency responders make efforts to ensure his survival. The patient’s cells will be dying at this time because of the lack of oxygen. 

Thus, ElaPharma, which was founded in the year 2015, is working to develop a drug that will be administered in such cases. It will put a stop to necrosis, while the patient is being rushed to the hospital. Consequently, the person suffering will have an increased likelihood of surviving and ensuring that there is no further damage inflicted on the heart. 

Where a patient is suffering from a stroke, the drug made by the company will be administered to put a stop to the process of cell death in its early stages. This may help prevent memory and speech loss, which is often a result of stroke trauma. 

ElaPharma has spent well over 15 years trying to identify the key mechanisms that are involved in the process of necrosis. It is also searching for molecules that hinder enzyme activation and thus, delay the death of cells. 

Nathan added that it will take a handful of more years to put the drug on the market, as it will need to undergo clinical trials. The company hopes that the product is available to the public by the year 2029, especially to cure necrosis linked to heart attacks. 

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