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Risks and Complications that You May Face Following Breast Augmentation

Oct 27, 2022

If you are someone who feels concerned due to the appearance of your breasts you can go for breast implants. You may considering them to be smaller than usual or feel they have a size difference, then you can go for breast augmentation procedure.

This way, you can bring a change to your appearance and no longer feel embarrassed with how you look, and how others look at you.

Breast augmentation has gained so much traction all over the world and many women are undergoing the process to add more beauty to their body and appearance.

Risks Involved with Breast Augmentation

However, like the benefits of having breast augmentation, there are drawbacks to that. Therefore, it is important that you are aware of the risks involved with breast augmentation.

Some of the risks involved with breast augmentation have been mentioned below:

Asymmetry in Augmented Breasts

Among the risks involved with breast augmentation is the breasts becoming uneven. Sometimes, the augmentations do not fulfill the purpose they are supposed to fulfill in the first place.

Some patients complain that their breast size became uneven or the breast level was not up to the mark. There are patients who have shared their concerns over the shape of the breasts that does not look original.

Breast Pain

After the breast pain, the patients may feel a change in the sensation of their breasts and nipples. Some patients have reported feeling a lot of pain following the breast augmentation.

For those who constantly feel pain after the breast augmentation procedure is done, it is important to see their surgeon right away, and consult the matter.

Breast Tissue Atrophy

Many patients feel that their breast size starts to shrink or the skin becomes thin after the augmentation. This is a natural problem that is caused mainly due to lack of healthy diet, stress, anxiety, and other illnesses.

As a result of these health issues, you may end up losing weight, which would start showing signs of breast tissue atrophy.

Calcium Deposits/Calcification

Another major problem the patients may develop after the breast augmentation is developing hard lumps just where the implant has been performed. These lumps form right under the skin and is one of the most reported issues by the patients.

Most of the times, the technicians or the doctors end up mistaking these hard lumps with cancer as they perform mammography or carry out other surgeries.

Capsular Contracture

At times, the breasts may become hardened and firm, following the implants, causing the implants to get squeezed. This is something that usually happens because of tissue capsule’s tightening that is mainly located around the implant.

Deformity of Chest Wall

At times, the rib cage among the women who undergo breast augmentation, may appear to be deformed. If it is not the rib cage, it can be a problem with the chest wall.


One of the most alarming risks involved with breast augmentation is the deflation that may take place with the breast augmentation.

Most of the times, the deflation takes place with breast implants that are filled with saline (saltwater). If the breast augmentations end up facing a leakage, it can cause serious problems for the patients.

Another form of deflation is accidently getting the implants torn or taking a cut. It can cause a partial or a complete collapsing of the breast augmentation.


Extrusion is also a very serious risk that may take place following the breast augmentation. When it comes to extrusion, the skin around the breast augmentation ends up breaking and starts to fall off.

When that happens, the augmentation starts losing the skin layer placed on top of it. As a result, the artificial breast implant starts showing through the skin.

Wounds take Longer to Heal

Following the breast augmentation, the part where the incision took place takes too long to heal, as it loses its ability to heal as quickly as it would heal naturally.

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