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SavorEat Customizing Plant-Based Burgers for Consumers

May 22, 2022

In recent news, SavorEat, a start-up based in the State of Israel, has come up with a way to allow customers to choose what they put in their burgers. It has brought to life the concepts and ideas that once existed in movies and novels.The company leverages cloud systems and the Internet of Things, as well as artificial intelligence and digital manufacturing to personalize plant-based patties as per the preferences of consumers. The Robot Chef of SavorEat cooks up these customized patties in real time for its customers coming to eat at several food establishments.

The way the personalization will work has been set up in a convenient and easy manner. As soon as a customer sits at a restaurant, they can scan the QR code, which will open up the application for SavorEat. After going through a couple of short steps, the person ordering will be able to customize their chosen level of nutrients, fat, or protein in the patty. The app will further account for seasoning and cooking preferences, thereby eliminating any concerns that customers have related to allergens or dietary restrictions.As the person ordering chooses what they want, the preferences are electronically transmitted to Robot Chef.

In around 10 minutes, the patty is created, completely free of human interference. Consequently, a member of whichever establishment the customer is eating at, will complete the burger and serve it.SavorEat was founded in the year 2018 by RacheliVizman, the current CEO, as well as Prof. IdoBraslavsky and Prof. OdedShoseyov, the chief science officer. A team has also been set up by the company that comprises of specialists from various fields, such as plant molecular biology, food science, biochemistry, business, and mechanical engineering. Together, these experts will enable the company to ensure that the taste of textured meat is successfully replicated by using plant-based and non-GMO products.

In the year 2016, Beyond Meat was the company that first came up with the first alternative for meat burger. The company released its plant-based burger and since then, the market has witnessed exponential grow. As of now, the experts in the field believe that the market will further grow. Currently, vegetarians and vegans account for only 4% and 6% of consumers across the globe. On the other hand, are flexitarians, who actively make an attempt to restrict their intake of animal-based products and they account for 42%. Despite a significant shift in the attitudes of consumers and the promotion of sustainable living, there are several gaps that exist within the industry itself.

Meat-eaters have temporarily stepped away from consuming animal-based products for numerous reasons, but one of their primary concerns are with the environment. As a result, consumers are readily turning towards well-known alternative-meat brands. However, not all companies working in the field are honest or transparent about their responsibility towards the environment. 65% of people across the globe actively search for products that will aid them in living a more socially responsible and sustainable life. Consequently, they want to know what is in the product they are consuming, down to the last ingredient.

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