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Secret Jerusalem – Cool Things and Places to Know About

Aug 18, 2021

Jerusalem is a city of religious and cultural history, with grandeur that you can’t shake. The streets are filled with tradition as we walk alongside our ancestors to Jerusalem’s future-one where modernity thrives in the face of openness.

Here in Jerusalem, we’re surrounded by a bustling city-center and picturesque natural scenery. The beauty of the place is hard to ignore with its historical significance as well; from every view you can see history run deep into this land’s roots. Israelis continue to build up this cultural epicenter so that it will be ready for all who come here seeking peace or adventure (or both).

Why not spend your night with a little culture, comedy and fun? Jerusalem has you covered. If the arts aren’t what you’re looking for this evening- head to its first train station! This unique place offers trampoline parks complete with an extreme ninja course ropes+ladders-, basketball courts, and foam pits; all of which are full of bouncy trampolines!

Teddy Stadium: Get tickets to a match in Jerusalem’s largest sports stadium! Home of 3 football teams- ever hear of Beitar or Ha’poel? Join the high energy and fun at one of their home.

Mifletzet Slide: Known for its “scary monster slide”, this park is in neighborhood Kiryat Hayovel with children coming from all over, rejected by city planners as being too scary – originally called Golem but now known as special place where kids conquer fears.

Thursdays are the perfect day to find hidden treasures at Agrippas street’s weekly flea market. If you’re a true bargain hunter, this is your place! Vendors line up on both sides of the street and offer everything from vintage clothes to books for sale. Even if you don’t need anything in particular, it’s worth stopping by just so that next time when someone asks “where did I buy my favorite shoes?” You can say “I bought those years ago at an amazing flea market!”

Derech Hagefen: This quaint and garden-vibe café sits in Beit Zayit, a small community just outside of Jerusalem proper. The upscale cafe has delicious food with an emphasis on freshness, served to you while basking in the serene natural setting that surrounds it. Plus take advantage of your time here by taking a stroll through this picturesque neighborhood where homes are beautifully decorated and have their own farm!

This cultural square in Jerusalem features a live concert every day, bringing the city with beautiful music. Surrounding Kikar Hamusica are 6 restaurants to choose from and an interactive museum where you can learn about some of Israel’s most famous musicians and bands!

Hansen House is an oasis from the busy and often stressful world. Built in 1900, this compound holds a movie theater, organic food café with sustainable practices, beautiful garden area for friends to enjoy together or decompress on their own terms while taking some time away from life’s daily stresses. Hansen House also hosts classes and workshops at Betzalel art school; visitors are invited!

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