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Seed Group, UAE Based Firm, Develops Links with Israel

Aug 5, 2022

Seed Group, a venture capital firm based in UAE, owned and operated by the Dubai Royal Family and the Sheikh Saeed bin A. Al Maktoum’s Private Office, is imitating links with Israel.

Who is Helping the Group Locally?

The firm has employed Tech It Forward, a Tel Aviv-based innovation company, to give Israeli startups with breaks for partnership, investments and business development in the United Arab Emirates.

Seed Group has already developed strategic associations with prominent global companies that are representatives of various regions and industries during the last sixteen years, completing many multi-million-dollar projects and handling investments worth more than a billion dollars.

What Tech It Forward Says

A key person from Tech It Forward recently made a statement saying that the group, opens many opportunities for the startups based in and offers aid with bringing in UAE brands as well as large corporations. They further added that such a step creates a great impact on the international and local economic development.

After the Abraham Accords, which standardized relations between UAE and the Israel, it is looking for ways to partner up with start-ups in the crypto, metaverse, fintech, health, agri-tech, AI, retail and other interesting fields in the country.

Tech It Forward, which was founded 5 years ago by Jennifer Elias and Jessica Rosner as an “innovation bridge maker”, is going to help look for potential Israeli start-ups and tech firms, and link them to a brand new market in the UAE.

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