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Shirbit Hackers Threaten to Leak Additional Documents

Dec 6, 2020
In recent news, hackers have threatened to release more data of the Shirbit Insurance Company, if they do not receive the required ransom.

In recent news, hackers have threatened to release more data of the Shirbit Insurance Company, if they do not receive the required ransom.

It is believed that the Black Shadow group is carrying out these cyberattacks against the insurance company. They have demanded a ransom from the company but, have not yet been paid. Thus, they announced that they will leak the company’s confidential data on Sunday morning at 9.am if they do not receive their payment by then. 

This request came only a day after the hackers released some documents of the company that contained the personal information of Shirbit customers and employees. This data was published over the weekend when the company refused to give in to the demands of the criminals. 

The documents released were related to the customers and employees of the insurance company and contained ID cards, financial documents, marriage certificates, and screenshots of various WhatsApp conversations. 

On Friday afternoon, screenshots of the negotiations between Black Shadow and Shirbit were also released on social media by the hackers. The screenshots revealed that a solution had not been reached between the two parties involved. As a result, later on Friday, the hackers leaked several more documents. 

Earlier in the morning, the insurance company had taken to address this issue in public. They announced that they do not plan on giving in to the demands of the hackers. Thus, they refused to pay the required ransom. However, they assured the public that they were doing everything they could to ensure that more personal data would not see the light of day. 

On the night of Wednesday, Black Shadow had demanded that Shirbit pay them 50 bitcoin, which are roughly $961,110. The transfer was to be made within 24 hours to the bitcoin wallet of the hacker group. They stated that they would continue to release data until payment was received. The group also went on to warn that the ransom would double if the demand was not met in the time given.

After another 24 hours, the ransom demanded is set to go up to 200 bitcoin and so on. Black Shadow stated that they would eventually start selling the data to other interested parties. For now, they plan on releasing more and more confidential documents at the end of each day. 

This unexpected series of events started on Tuesday. On that day, it was discovered that security at the insurance company had been breached. Investigation revealed that ID card numbers, registration forms, and driver’s licenses, along with more personal information had been leaked from Shirbit. 

Soon after the attack, the Black Shadow took to social media, specifically Twitter, to claim credit for the cyberattack. They stated that they had launched a massive attack on the Shirbit Company. They were proud of the fact that they had successfully weakened its network infrastructure and gotten ahold of valuable information. The tweet also pointed out that the insurance company is in the economic sphere of Israel. 

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