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Shufersal Turns Towards Mobility Tech of Via for Delivery Logistics

Apr 14, 2022

In recent news, Shufersal, a supermarket giant operating in the State of Israel, has announced that it is going to be tapping into Via Transportation, a transit tech company founded in the country. As per the announcement, this step is being taken to power the middle-mile deliveries of the food and goods retail firm. Moreover, Shufersal hopes to improve its distribution operations with the help of advanced mobility tech. On account of the agreement, Via has made its official entry into the sector of logistics in the Jewish state. 10 years ago, the company was founded by Oren Shoval and Daniel Ramot. 

Initially, they had come up with a ride-sharing service that offered cars on demand. This was facilitated with the help of a mobile app that allowed several passengers to connect, given that they were traveling the same route. Thus, a handful of people could share a vehicle and carpool. With time, Via began leveraging its effective transit platform to collaborate with public agencies, large corporations, cities, and transport operators, to plan efficient transportation systems in no less than 35 countries. As per the transit tech firm, its software is helpful in addressing the various issues that are faced on account of middle and last mile. 

Moreover, Via works with couriers and retailers to come up with an intelligent plan and thus, manage and optimize distribution systems. As of now, the firm is providing smart logistics solutions to businesses operating in Japan, Malta, the UK, the US, and Germany. Now that Shufersal has decided to join hands with the transit-tech company, Via will be leveraging its mobility software platform and make way for an accurate and more efficient movement of goods. These will be taken from several distribution centers to over 300 branch locations spread out across the Jewish state. According to a joint statement released by the two companies, the aim of this collaboration is to bring about an improvement in the overall process of distribution. 

By integrating the software designed by Via into its distribution systems, Shufersal will have the ability come up with dynamic plans to track, monitor, and optimize deliveries taking place in real-time. In addition, the supermarket chain will be able to supervise hundreds of vehicles transporting goods, picking them up from logistics centers and dropping them off at branches across the country. The SVP of Logistics and Delivery Platforms at the transit tech company, Israel Duanis, explained how the company has built software, which allows equitable, sustainable, and efficient public transit. 

Furthermore, he added that this software can also be applied to various verticals, such as paratransit, school bus, as well as logistics. In his words, it can be used for any kind of vertical that deems transportation to be instrumental. According to him, the software developed by the company explains its breadth and flexibility. He further added that it is especially effective when it comes to supporting customers and the partners of the company to ease the hassle of distribution operations. 

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