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Six People Lose Their Lives Over the Weekend Due to Accidents in Israel

Dec 5, 2021

Just recently, six people lost their lives in a series of car accidents in the State of Israel over the weekend. Of these were three young men, somewhere in their 20s. They died in the car accident which took place at the Tamra junction. This is situated in the lower Galilee area. Paramedics and MDA medics arrived on the scene shortly after the crash and confirmed the deaths of these young men. A spokesman for the MDA further provided details of the incident, adding that the vehicle had overturned right at the junction. He revealed that the three young men had been trapped inside the car. 

Moreover, they were unconscious, not breathing, and did not have any pulse. This report from a paramedic came only a couple of hours after one other car accidents took place in Binyamin. Due to this tragic event, three people lost their lives and an additional three were severely injured. The injured victims of the accident, which took place on Binyamin Road, included a nine-year-old little girl, along with a woman and man in their 30s. they were immediately transported to the Beilinson Campus of the Rabin Medical Center, located in Petah Tikva. Reports further surfaced revealed that two adults and a six-year-old had died in this accident. 

The accident that took place at the Tamra junction increased the death toll of road accidents in the State of Israel. The number that was recorded at the beginning of the year has now gone up to 337 people. 

In other news, two sect members of Berland were indicted for their involvement in a case of kidnapping and murder. However, this case is one that is over 30 years old. 76-year-old Baruch Sharvit, along with the son of an ex Israeli minister, were indicted for committing the murder of Nissim Shitrit, back in January of 1986. The latter was placed under a gag order at the time and is still under it. Eliezer Berland was a disgraced leader of the Haredi, who is serving jail time as of now for extortion, tax offenses, money laundering, and attempted intimidation. 

He was detained in the previous month after being suspected of being linked to the murder of Shitrit. However, two days ago, he was let go from detention. Just last month, three members belonging to the Shuvu Banim sect of Breslov Hassidim were taken into custody due to their ties to two murders that occurred in Jerusalem. One of these took place in the year 1986, while the other occurred in 1990. Tzvika Tzuker, son-in-law to Berland, gathered mishmarot tznuit, also known as modesty squads, to carry out acts on behalf of the sect. 

These groups of men went around coercing people to conform to the dress codes, along with standards of social and sexual behavior as the indictment reads. The indictment further added that it was Tzuker who ordered the modesty squads to make threats to Shitrit, and consequently stop him from going out with women and dating them. 

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