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Soldiers At IDF Training Base Test Positive for Covid-19 Virus

Oct 6, 2020
Soldiers At IDF Training Base Test Positive for Covid-19 Virus

In recent news, more than 100 soldiers have been diagnosed with coronavirus on the IDF Brigade’s training base. As of now, reports have revealed that more than 400 soldiers have been quarantined on the base. Tests are still being conducted and the number of soldiers who have contracted the virus is expected to increase. 

A spokesperson’s unit for the IDF informed that all the soldiers who have tested positive for the virus are being sent to coronavirus treatment facilities.

They also said that the incident is being handled and investigated by top-grade commanders. Moreover, the spokesperson unit reported that all procedures are being followed according to the instructions of the Medical Corps. IDF guidelines are also being strictly adhered to, out of concern for the health of all the soldiers who serve in the brigade. 

On Tuesday, nearly 60 tests were performed on the soldiers. Out of these, at least 50 tested positive for the virus. IDF sources also revealed that if the capsule method is implemented rigorously, the spread of the Covid-19 virus can be curbed with ease. They also believe that this method will prevent the outbreak of the disease across multiple platoons. 

Aviv Kochavi, the Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen., also made a surprise visit to the base for inspection. It had been listed as a ‘red base’ which sparked some concerns. Thus, Kochavi had decided to check it out. In light of what happened, nearly 60 inspections may have to be conducted on bases all over the country. 

This outbreak came shortly after the military decided to discipline several officers. This included the commander in charge of the Bahad 1 officers training academy, after an outbreak wreaked havoc on the school. 

The outbreak in August led to 30 cadets being infected with the disease. This happened right after two soldiers, who had been out on furlough, came back to base but, did not discuss their health with their commanders. Once tested, their results came out positive. As a result of this, dozens of cadets found themselves in a complex tent set up for quarantine. 

Most of the other cadets were later diagnosed with the virus. It was believed that whoever had contracted the virus, had done so after coming into contact with the first two cadets. This happened despite the fact that they had been placed into different capsules. The method was supposed to limit exposure between platoons but, failed miserably. 

Col. Guy Levy, the school commander, was the one to present the final results of the investigations to those in charge. This included Maj. Gen. Moti Baruch, the Commander of the Training and Doctrine Division of the military, Yoel Strick, Maj. Gen. of the Ground Forces of IDF, and Maj. Gen Eyal Zamir, the Deputy Chief of Staff. 

The findings of the investigation revealed that the responsibility of the outbreak fell onto the two cadets, who had failed to report their symptoms in time. Moreover, their superiors were also blamed for not thoroughly questioning the cadets about their health. 

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