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SPCA Israel Raising Money for New X-Ray Machine

Nov 17, 2021

In recent news, the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) in the State of Israel has revealed that it is searching for funds. The reason behind this is to acquire a new X-Ray machine for the veterinary clinic that they run, since the last one broke down. The clinic is operational all seven days of the week and caters to owners with pets, specifically residing in the Tel Aviv area. It also provides help to thousands of abandoned animals, in various parts of the country. 

However, it has been having difficulty carrying on with its operations due to the loss of an X-Ray machine. The SPCA has been using the same machine for the last 23 years. As of now, the clinic needs additional funds to buy a replacement, which will cost no less than NIS 110,000. For this reason, the organization has created a page online, solely to collect donations. Up until now, the relevant personnel have managed to raise nearly 34% of the goal that the organization had set, when it had first posted for donations online. 

The chair of the SPCA, Hilma Smushkovitz, released a statement, thanking all the generous donors who had provided funds for the establishment of the clinic. She went on to add how that money had been used to ensure medical care for all the abandoned animals that the organization could find. Smushkovitz further expressed disappointment at not being able to operate the clinic 24/7 like before. She added how everyone, who is a part of the organization, is hoping to return to providing medical assistance to abandoned animals, around the clock. 

Considering that the Jewish state houses a significantly large stray dog population, as well as a sizable stray cat population, treating abandoned animals is one of the most important services. The organization came into being back in the year 1927. As of now, it is one of the largest animal welfare groups across the State of Israel. The center focuses on providing medical care to animals around the clock and has successfully subsidized neutering and spaying dogs and cats. 

In other news, this year’s Miss Holocaust Survivor was awarded to an 86-year-old great-grandmother. The yearly Israeli beauty pageant is held each year to honor all those women, who were previously subjected to enduring the horrors that came along with the Nazi genocide. Ten contestants, aged between 79 and 90, took to walking down the ramp at a museum, located in the city of Haifa. Their hair was styled, and makeup was applied, as they adorned their gowns with sashes. 

Organizers of the pageant, which had been canceled last year on account of the coronavirus pandemic, stated that it bestows respect and glamor on some Jewish women. These women are specifically those, who had their youth stolen from them at the time of World War Two. They had had to endure all kinds of hardships in order to survive each day. However, they had went on to build a life for themselves in the State of Israel. 

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