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Speech Recognition Application Launched by Voiceitt for Speech Impaired People

Jun 9, 2021

Voiceitt, a company based in the State of Israel, is known for providing automatic speech recognition in real-time for non-standard speech. The company recently announced that it has just introduced a new app, which is available on the App Store of Apple. 

Individuals, nursing facilities, organizations, as well as institutions can download the newly launched app, free of cost. It has been developed to empower people with speech impairments and help them navigate their everyday environment. In addition, it will allow them to control smart home devices with their own voice. 

The cofounder and CEO of Voiceitt, Danny Weissberg, talked about the launch, saying that everyone, regardless of their ability to speak, deserves a voice. He believes that they should have the chance to express their feelings and be understood. According to him, the introduction of this app will help numerous people, who have non-standard speech mannerisms, to easily interact with loved ones, smart home devices, and their caregivers, using their own voice. 

Weissberg expressed pride at the fact that the company was able to make this technology accessible to the community. Moreover, he was overjoyed at the fact that more and more people will be able to make use of voice recognition technology to make their lives easier. 

Each year, the list of people using products that require voice recognition technology to operate is readily increasing. However, such technologies may be difficult for those people to use who have motor disabilities or speech impairments. Therefore, the automatic speech recognition engine of Voiceitt combines speech analysis technology with machine learning, to help identify atypical patterns and speeches. These include breathing pauses, cadences, as well as non-verbal sounds. Users also have the opportunity to train the app with the help of a customized dictionary. It can later be used to translate the output of a person into commonly used speech. 

The app developed by the Israeli company has joined forces with Amazon Alexa. The company believes that this will help raise the quality, as well as independence, of life for speech-impaired individuals. This news and the app could not have come at a better time, since it has been over a year of social distancing and coronavirus lockdowns, which have caused loneliness and isolation. 

The Accessibility Director at Amazon Lab126, Peter Korn, went on to say that Alexa has now been brought to additional customers with the help of Voiceitt’s new application. In his words, Amazon works hard to ensure that all of its products and services are easy to use and delightful for everyone. He believes that collaboration with Voiceitt will help the company achieve its goals. Moreover, he maintained that people with speech impairments will now be able to reap all the benefits that Alexa has in store and assist them in living more independently.

In the year 2020, Amazon Echo speakers sold 53 million products, and this number has been predicted to go up even further. By 2021 million, the company hopes to sell no less than 65 million units. In the past as well, Voiceitt has been used to assist individuals with basic tasks, like asking for directions, ordering coffee, and telling loved ones that they love them.  

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